Thursday, May 26, 2022
Arttu Silvast Polarity

Arttu Silvast’s melodic dream of ‘Svalbard’

It is said that music has the power to transport us to another world. Well, composer Arttu Silvast has taken on that challenge in...
Emanuel Worldwide

Breakthrough Canadian vocalist Emanuel sets his sights to ‘Worldwide’

Closing off a run of highly successful singles, ‘Worldwide’ from Emanuel marks the last release to be previewed from his long-awaited debut album, ALT...
Alas de Liona

Sparkly synth-pop in Alas de Liona’s ‘Planetarium’

I enjoy a good tune about space. From Bowie to Muse to Vangelis, there’s a good proportion of star-themed songs that turn out to...
Gemma Rogers Rabbit Holevideo

Down the indie pop ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Gemma Rogers

‘It’s the middle of the night, all the creatures are stirring…’ begins ‘Rabbit Hole’ by Gemma Rogers. Don’t worry, it’s not the start of...

Charity Children Reveal Striking Visuals For ‘She Still Wants You’

Charity Children pair their uplifting pop sound with striking visuals for ‘She Still Wants You’ Charity Children 'She Still Wants You' Off the back of their...
Kuda Down There

Kuda takes us on a personal journey in new single ‘Down there’

Returning after his last single ‘Low Low’ hit 1 million streams, Kuda is back with a bang. ‘Down There’ is led by spacey synths...

Aridonis unwinds with laid-back ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’

Take a trip down memory lane with Aridonis’s latest track ‘Bumper Sticker Sentiments’. Aridonis - Bumper Sticker Sentiments Canadian singer-songwriter, Aridonis, sweeps across different sounds from...
Snakes Know Heart Metroparks

Snakes Know Heart takes a lyrical journey on ‘Metroparks’

Max Kogan aka Snakes Know Heart, sounds driven on his song Metroparks. It’s a lyrical journey through snapshots of pessimism and hard times, but is...
Green Wire Cigarettes On The Dancefloor

Green Wire Bring Their ‘Cigarettes On The Dancefloor’

Green Wire brings us an electric new single, “Cigarettes on the Dancefloor”. Green Wire - Cigarettes On The Dancefloor Boasting a songwriting style that is relatable...
Jeff Chana Superman

Jeff Chana Shares Shining New Offering ‘Superman’

Returning after a string of sprightly singles, emerging artist Jeff Chana is back with the feel-good track ‘Superman’. Carrying an encouraging and positive message...
Sketchdoll - Hourglass

Sketchdoll Overcome Struggle On ‘Hourglass’  

With a winning combination of musical dexterity and smart writing, Sketchdoll's first official single 'Hourglass' signals triumph over struggle. Sketchdoll - Hourglass In the competitive world...

FONTAINES D.C. raise the bar with debut album Dogrel

FONTAINES D.C. are the best new band you'll hear this year. Yes we said it. You need to hear their debut album 'Dogrel' immediately. All...