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Norrisette releases the joyously experimental ‘Paper EP’


Norrisette is a singer-songwriter, composer and producer based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK Her ‘Paper’ EP is joyously experimental.

Norrisette Paper 

‘Unread’ begins with the insistent rustling of paper, lonely piano chords, and a softly crying voice. As the melody sinks in, you suddenly feel smaller, a child in an adult’s borrowed jumper. Whatever you’d call this sound, Norrisette has nailed it.

The use of paper is not careless – this track comes from Norrisette’s ‘Paper’ EP, which weaves the sound of paper through each track, an unusual but effective choice. A Manchester based singer, songwriter, composer and producer, who often collaborates with choreographers, she is no stranger to the conceptual, also designing her own artwork and music videos Kate Bush and Bjork are obvious influences, but Norrisette still maintains her own approach.

‘Unread’ is a trembling requiem to all the things that could have been. The lyrics speak of all the emptiness and wondering that comes with loss – ‘How many things could have been if I had died and you had not?’, sings Norrisette with simple, childlike melodies. Using paper sounds, piano, erratic percussion and glistening synths, the production blends the artificial with the real beautifully. Norrisette’s vocals are particularly striking, whispery, quavery, a grown-up choirgirl still singing in her bedroom.

For an emerging artist to already have such a fully-formed musical identity is impressive. I admire and applaud the fleshed-out, conceptual world that Norrisette has created, and I know that ‘Unread’ will stay with me.

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Words Eden Tredwell