Neon Gru I am a Bird

Neon Gru take flight to defy genre boundaries on ‘I Am A Bird’

Innovative and unconventional Neon Gru are an emerging six-piece alt-pop band whose eclectic offbeat rhythms and smooth melodies deserve your ears  Neon Gru - I...
Pastel Jungle Overdose

‘Overdose’ on indie disco with Pastel Jungle

I’ve always loved disco. I could never pull off an Afro, or belt like Donna Summer, but there is something so joyous in music...

‘The Last Of Us’ is the highly anticipated debut EP from Krsnafari

It’s rare to find true individuality in the industry today, but the trio from London has it in droves. Forming in unison through a...

John Murry ‘I Refuse To Believe’ (You Could Love Me)

Singer-songwriter and musician John Murry strikes back with his third offering of the year, ‘I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me). John Murry -...
Chrissie Huntley

Lazy Sunday soul with Chrissie Huntley’s ‘Me, Myself & I’

Sometimes, it’s the best thing when a song does exactly what it says on the tin. “I haven’t left my room today, I woke...
Riley Wells

Riley Wells Delivers ‘Endless’ Sugar Spice & Everything Nice

Relaxed but catchy tracks infused with creative flair are a treasured find. With a foundation of sugar, spice and everything nice, Riley Wells delivers...
Camille Antoni

Camille Antoni reveals heavy hitter debut single ‘L.U.N.A’

Netherland’s newcomer Camille Antoni re-emerges from Bungalow with his debut solo single 'L.U.N.A.'.  Camille Antoni - L.U.N.A Known for his work in the indie-pop duo Bungalow,...
Dean Parker Smoke

Dean Parker steps off the sidelines to release ‘Smoke’

Dean Parker’s latest move, from off the sidelines to becoming a fully-fledged solo artist, is one of the luckiest finds the singer-songwriter scene has...

The M’Goo Project Return With Square One

We love The M’Goo Project. Not so much a band as a creative force for communication and understanding. They tell stories through music, written...
Dyllan White - Get Bk @ That

Dyllan White – Get Bk @ That

Dyllan White launches his debut single ‘Get Bk @ That’ and it proves revenge is sweet! Dyllan White Explains Get Bk @ That “It’s basically a...
Charlotte Grayson 'Grow'

Charlotte Grayson – Grow

Grow is the debut album from 19 year old starlet Charlotte Grayson. Hailing from Hartlepool in the North East of England the fledgling singer-songwriter...

in earnest – Come Upstairs

‘Come Upstairs’ is an account of mental health from the perspective of a sufferer’s partner, aiming to encourage conversation around the topic. in earnest...