All I Live For – We Are The Angels

‘All I Live For’ has the right attitude when it comes to life and music, an attitude that many acts don’t show. They’re a band that wear their hearts on their sleeves, committing to their music like professionals and bearers of hope.

All I Live For – We Are The Angels

All I Live For make music captivating in its urgency and connection, breaking boundaries as they muscle through their own woes. The album that they have produced is an atmospheric highlight, one bordering on magnum opus status, one heavily emotional and original.

We Are The Angels have guitar trickery trickling through its bloodline. Moments of tenderness do come, but abrasive choruses and stellar vocals outdo the subtlety. The record is powerful and represents a complex sound, one that many bands struggle to create, and it only pushes All I Live For to the summit. Their sound enforces solos worthy of accolades, their workmanship deserves praise, and their togetherness seems unbreakable. And the creation of We Are The Angels must have taken every sinew of energy from this band. It’s all heard, the quality meets expectations beyond the line, and the emotion will push even the most hardened listener into a thought process where poignant memories come to the fore.

All of these songs paint pictures, they all interweave, summoning stories. See My Soul epitomises great strong structure and emotion, providing intricate guitar trickery and thought-provoking lyricism. Title track We Are The Angels forces us to think and to ponder. The vocals have been brought down to fit in with the melodies, and the lyrics are sombre. Awaken begins with delicate edges, refined vocals and stripped back instrumentals. It’s an emotional track, describing broken hearts and broken dreams. It’s riveting even for its emotive underpinnings.

We Are The Angels is a wonder. An album that should be praised by all, as All We Live For, has tirelessly worked on something bold and special. Their work should never be understated.

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Words Mark McConville