The Sitch

Simulation indie-pop with The Sitch’s ‘Unread’

Is there a word for a musical genre that reminds you of some kind of human simulation video game? Sim-pop? Something about The Sitch’s...
Cyrano White Wine

Try some of Cyrano’s late night ‘White Wine’

There are songs for the party, and there are songs for after the party. For when you mull over the decisions of that night...
Minas Burner

Rebel rap electronica with Minas’ ‘Burner’

“Two steps back put your sh*t down” is the instantly striking main hook of Minas’ new single ‘Burner’. It’s the perfect summation of the...

Sugarmoon release third single ‘Under The Sea’ with animated video

Sugarmoon’s third single “Under The Sea” transports you to a paradisiacal beach somewhere in a classic 50s surfer romp. Following up their last single...
Pascal Dechmann Rise Up

A sparkling glass of EDM with Pascal Dechmann’s ‘Rise Up’

The end is in sight. The sun is returning, soon I’ll be able to go to the hairdressers again as my roots are begging...
Out At Sea

Out At Sea Bring The Calm On ‘Maybe You Know Better’

‘Maybe You Know Better’ is the newest release from the London-based indie-pop quartet Out At Sea. Out At Sea - Maybe You Know Better From the...
Kepa Lehtinen - Face Plant

Master of theremin Kepa Lehtinen shows us how to ‘Face Plant’

The theremin is a strange, mercurial instrument to master. Incredibly sensitive, it is played without any direct physical contact. Instead, musicians must craft a...
tomemitsu same mistakes

Indie sunshine with Tomemitsu’s ‘Same Mistakes’

A supposed definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results. In which case, everyone is a little bit mad, or...
The Bigger Picture Sparkle

The Bigger Picture ‘Sparkle’ With Their Debut Rock Single

Guitar bands are out of fashion in the mainstream right now. There was a sweet spot in the 2000s when it was all heavy...
Izzy Frances

Izzy Frances Explores Vulnerable Love On ‘Stay With Me’

Hailing from the UK, Izzy Frances is a songwriter and singer who provides “an emotive take on songwriter pop that’s sure to make people...
Lijie Love Pysck EP

Bittersweet indie pop with Lijie’s ‘So What’

‘So what if this isn’t love? I need somebody…’ sings Lijie on her track ‘So What’, from her ‘Love Psyck’ EP. As I glance...

Join the race to the dancefloor with Eclectic’s ‘Clarify’

It’s been a stressful year for all, and we all have our own ways of letting loose. Personally, sometimes I’ll try and eat a...