Home New Music Emilia Tarrant unveils stunning debut EP Honeymoon Phase with lead single ‘September’.

Emilia Tarrant unveils stunning debut EP Honeymoon Phase with lead single ‘September’.

Emilia Tarrant

British breakthrough star Emilia Tarrant unveils her newest single, ‘September’, a gorgeous folk-pop ballad and the last instalment of her incredible debut EP, Honeymoon Phase.

Emilia Tarrant – September

Staying true to her signature sound, Emilia Tarrant offers her listeners a bittersweet, acoustic-style single laced with melancholy and the endearing honesty and poetic lyricism Tarrant has come to be known and loved for. Written alongside Archie Faulks and produced by Luke Potashnick, ‘September’ is  Tarrant’s favourite song on the EP & we can definitely see why.

Tarrant set out to create a single that would showcase the period of reflection and introspection that ‘September’ and the Autumn months bring with them and she has certainly achieved that. Through clever songwriting,  angelic vocals and pared-back instrumentation ‘September’ creates the perfect moody atmosphere for rainy afternoon reflection or Sunday morning meditation.

Simplistic yet elegant and refined, ‘September’ is the work of several months of personal growth and musical evolution for Tarrant, who has gone from strength to strength with each new release, surpassing expectations and delivering memorable ballads with sincere and widely relatable songwriting.

“September has to be my favourite song from my debut Honeymoon Phase EP. I wrote it with the lovely Archie Faulks back in September (of course) last year, during a time when I was quite reflective on 2020 and the end of summer. I feel September is a month of ‘drawing the curtains’ as autumn arrives, which can be quite tough, and ‘tender’ for some.”

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Words Daisy Lipsey