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Andrson Uploaded

Introducing The Andrson Uploaded International Songwriting Competition

Andrson, an A.I. artist discovery platform, has launched Andrson Uploaded - an international song competition offering emerging musicians the chance to win a grand...
Nordoff Robbins Music Quiz

Register Your Team For The Nordoff Robbins Music Quiz

As well as enriching lives through music therapy, Nordoff Robbins want to use music to bring everyone together during this difficult time. So alongside...
Jazz Comeback in 2020?

Why 2020 Will Be The Year of Jazz

Jazz is a genre that is, predominantly, linked to the past. Birthed in the early 20th century in New Orleans and the city’s surrounding...
climate crisis and the music industry

What Artists are Doing to Tackle the Climate Crisis

In November 2019, Coldplay lead singer, pianist and guitarist Chris Martin announced that the band won’t be touring their new album ‘Everyday Life’ -...
Melbourne Music Capital of The World?

Melbourne Music Capital of The World?

Melbourne. The city that has always claimed to be the music capital of Australia, has recently claimed that it is now the Music capital...

Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate...
The Rolling Stones

How The World Has Changed With The Rolling Stones

I recently came across these incredible stats from StubHub about The Rolling Stones, and it got me thinking back to a balmy, English summer night...
Lockout Laws Sydney

Scene Report. How the ‘lockout laws’ have shattered Sydney’s music scene

In our latest Scene Report, Nicholas Cheek explains the impact of the lockout laws on the live music scene in Sydney, Australia. Want to...
Country Music

The Death of Genres & The Growth of Country Music

Historically one of the biggest barriers to Country music was the very name Country music, but when you remove the genre tag good music...
Australian Music Radio

Scene Report. Australian Radio

Whilst Australia is a big country by size, by population, it is relatively small, with just under 24 million people.  On the world stage,...
music blog writers wanted to join RCM

Earn Money. Music Blog Writers Wanted

If you made a new year resolution to start a music blog and you are already floundering, we are here to offer you the...

The Silent Death Knell: A Missive From The Inside.

Back in 2013 Alex Keevill, lead singer from The Microdance wrote a guest post for Right Chord Music about the financial challenges facing independent...