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Ruby Rogers are ‘Living the Dream’

Ruby Rogers

Alternative rockers Ruby Rogers are here to put their very own spin on the rap/rock crossover.

Ruby Rogers – Living The Dream

Ruby Rogers is a British alternative band from Buckinghamshire, England. Their current lineup consists of vocalist Matt Patterson, guitarist Jack Nicholls, bassist George Crozier, and drummer Steve Gruar.

Since 2018, this quartet has been building a solid reputation all over the underground music venues in London, with their unique music style that incorporates genres such as rap, R&B, Alternative, and indie rock.

Their hard work and undeniable talent took them to the finals of the IoW New Blood Competition in London, where they had the opportunity to perform at the iconic Amersham Arms.

Of course, the usage of rock and rap is nothing new, since the late 80s /early 90s bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, 311, and Faith No More pioneered this uncanny mixture of genres, however, Ruby Rogers found a way to put an exceptional twist into this, and their lead single Living the Dream is a clear example.

While there is an obvious influence by all the groups previously mentioned, there are also some notorious differences that make Living the Dream a unique auditive experience, for starters Matt Patterson’s voice has a very singular tone that doesn’t resemble at all the likes of Anthony Kiedis or any of his contemporaries.

Musically speaking, the implementation of indie rock elements that at times remind us of bands like The Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines is one of the defining characteristics that give Ruby Rogers a very peculiar flair, which is very extraordinary considering how much experimentation and fusion of techniques we have heard over the last 30 years when it comes to rap and rock.

Living the Dream is a unique piece that evokes a classic blend of styles but still manages to sound fresh and interesting.

Living the Dream is part of ‘Am I Living Now?’ A 3 track EP that is out now.

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Words Javier Rodriguez