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The Roar of Marble’s ‘Quiet Mind’

Marble - Quiet Mind

To quote the band Marble on themselves: ‘You don’t need to know the lyrics to know how you feel’. This statement seems appropriate as the lyrics are often hard to make out on their latest release ‘Quiet Mind’, but if, as they say, ‘Marble is, in one word, a mood.’ then a mood is definitely what they’ve created, and one that many alternative rock fans will enjoy.

Marble – Quiet Mind

Marble is the project of songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Chantal Bailey, and guitarist Matthew Blount, along with a rotating cast of drummers and bassists. Formed in 2016, the struggles of the pandemic has only strengthened their resolve to be a completely independent band.

‘Quiet Mind’ is an apocalyptic self-love rock track, that evokes the feeling of everything falling apart, and yet the hope that you might get through it. 

Bailey’s quavering, soulful vocals are filled with emotion as she pleads to an unknown listener, ‘Leave me in quiet mind.’ The ticking waltz rhythm gives the whole piece a disjointed sway, and instability.

There’s a late 90s/2000s indie band influence here, along the lines of Skunk Anansie and Garbage. With swelling, jarring guitars and heavy-hitting drums, it’s full of bombast and wouldn’t be out of place in the climax of some action movie. Yet the mournful solo lines and occasional sweet piano chords provide some release from the onslaught. It’s also a surprisingly short track, coming in at around 2 and a half minutes, which is no bad thing, encouraging repeat listens. Marble are certainly a tight project with something to say and an attitude to say it with – let’s see if they can make their message even clearer.

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Words Eden Tredwell