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Discover The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 7

The Music Review Mixtape Vol 7

Welcome to the Music Review Mixtape. In this feature, writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 6 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Sorry Stacy Returns With ‘Not-Self Strategy’

The opening track on the latest edition of The Music Review Mixtape comes from Anastassia Svets, a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Cardiff who goes by the moniker of ‘Sorry Stacy’. Since her debut release in 2020, she has been recognized for her expansive sonic approach, demolishing musical barriers in favour of creative experimentation.

After the release of her previous single ‘Alt-Pop Gem’ Me And Maryland, Sorry Stacy is back with her new single ‘Not-Self Strategy’. Like its predecessor, Not-Self Strategy demonstrates a high level of artistry, operating at the intersection between EDM and DnB. The lyrics are the byproduct of fears and self-awareness regarding loss, making this one of the most personal tracks that Sorry Stacy has ever written. This piece is an extraordinary auditive work that needs to be experienced in order to understand its unique appeal. ‘Not-Self Strategy’ demonstrates that the only thing you can expect from Sorry Stacy is the unexpected.

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UMUT Needs To Know ‘Who Shot First’

Turkish singer, currently residing in Ireland UMUT, is here to share his ravishing debut single, Who Shot First, a song with a very peculiar flair that denotes his long expertise as a DJ for many years. Surpassing expectations due to its one-of-a-kind structure, this is a track that easily fits in the “eclectic” category.

Like a musical chimaera taking the best of different elements, Who Shot First feels like the uncanny amalgamation of Country and Electronic music, with UMUT’s vocals having a very Depeche Mode-influenced delivery. As unusual as this combo might sound, this skilled performer has managed to make a hell of a statement with his first offering, displaying originality in his art and, in the process, crafting a melody you didn’t know you needed in your life.

NB Songwriting credits belong to Elvett.

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Dead Scientists Deal With Isolation On ‘Thin’

Hailing from two separate counties in the UK (Chester and Southampton) alternative duo Dead Scientists are on a mission to continue the legacy they started building in 2008. Their debut album, We Will Find The Words (2020), marked a long-awaited return to the scene after a ten years hiatus. This comeback has been consolidated with the newest addition to their repertoire, an introspective alternative rock piece called Thin.

The idea of conceptual music has always been a staple for Dead Scientists, and Thin is no exception, exploring themes of alienation, this poignant tune illustrates the feelings of someone being an outcast failing at fitting in and his perception of the world as a result of this. This track dwells in a gloomy atmosphere complemented by gorgeously sombre instrumentation and soothing vocals. Solemnity and hopelessness intertwine to remind us that even in loneliness beauty can be found.

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Lizard Knocks It Out The Park On ‘Innocence’

Somewhere between rock, modern jazz, and exorbitant virtuosity lies this hidden diamond from Liverpool called Lizard, a four-piece band with an extraordinary faculty for unpredictable soundscapes and some of the most mind-boggling uses of musicianship and lyricism we’ve heard in a while.

Having formed in 2018 at the University of Liverpool while they were studying music, this collective quickly became a noteworthy act by performing in different venues in their native city.

Innocence is as deep thematically as it is instrumentally, this melody dives into the concept of “innocence” and how it transitions into a more cynical adult mindset as time goes by, with the song structured in such a way that feels fragmented like old memories.

The jazz influence in Innocence is almost palpable thanks to the light and subtle percussions, which create an almost “made in heaven” vibe when the synths come into play. Add to all this a highly memorable chorus, and what you get is a surreal tune with a grandiose performance. Overall the exquisiteness showcased here only makes us more anxious to discover how Back Again (Lizard’s upcoming EP) will sound.

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Vos Rough Bring The Intensity On ‘Strawberry Song’

Our next rising act is a quartet based in Scotland, known as Vos Rough, with influences that include Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock, and Stoner Rock. This collective is slowly making a name for themselves in Glasgow’s independent scene thanks to their wild and straightforward musical proposal.

Something worth recognizing from this Scottish outfit is their upfront honesty at the moment of recording, exhibiting the same musical technique both live and in the studio. Strawberry Song is, in basic terms, three and a half minutes of raw, unfiltered, straight-to-the-wall Stoner Rock with a predominant slow tempo, a powerful bass line, and distorted guitars that will raise the testosterone in the room where this is been played. If it’s intensity you’re looking for, then you don’t need to look any further, because these lads have more than enough to spare.

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Amelie Und Raffi are feeling ‘Homesick’

We end this week’s selection with Amelie Und Raffi, an up-and-coming young duo from Eberswalde, Germany. Their two previous releases, You Held Me Back and, The Power of The Stars, already have thousands of streams on Spotify. The third release on this group’s young career Homesick is a deep and vulnerable opus that will make tears fall due to its heart-aching nature.

Homesick is another example of how well these two artists complement each other, with Amelie’s tender and expressive voice blending with Raffi’s piano in an eruption of sentimentality showcasing the loneliness experienced after a breakup, a subject that this powerful Pop ballad tackles in its meaningful lyrics.

Overall this is a refined, well-rounded Pop track with a lot of heart and soul poured into it, setting the bar high for this outstanding duet.

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Words Javier Rodriguez