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Kayble And The Formidable ‘The Silence You Asked For’

Kayble The Silence You Asked For

Pouring with authenticity, British producer and songwriter Kayble has demonstrated what can be achieved with hard work and innate talent, his most recent offering, The Silence You Asked For, is another soulful exhibit of his always-evolving artistic journey.

Kayble – The Silence You Asked For

DIY artists are more common every day, different factors like the digital era we live in and the pandemic have made it necessary to adapt to this style of making music. A good example is Kayble, an artist who embodies the term ‘self-made man’ by recording, writing, and producing his art, all by himself.

His newest song, The Silence You Asked For, is a solemn Art Rock tune with Gothic undertones driven by a poignant acoustic guitar and a steady drum beat. The slow-paced instrumentation goes hand to hand with the sorrowful lyrics.

The Silence You Asked For is a formidable manifestation of songwriting maturity and engaging musicianship.

This melody was conceived during a dark period in Kayble’s life, something that is notorious in this young performer’s heartbreaking vocals, which grant this track with pure, unfiltered honesty, as the artist explains:

“This song explores the aftermath of the possibility of great loss. The emotion is raw and real, the chorus lyric came to me at a time when I really was looking down the barrel of despair – and despite being super direct which isn’t always my style, the authenticness of it meant that I just had to include it.”

TSYAF is hands down the most introspective work in this musician’s career, displaying a fragility that will most likely resonate with many people. With only three songs released, Kayble is a living example of what can be done with just a laptop and a dream that is just starting.

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Words Javier Rodriguez