The Daydream Club Cover The Zombies This Will Be Our Year

The Daydream Club return with a reworking of a classic track by The Zombies track and a renewed sense of optimism.

The Zombies – A time for optimism

Back in 1968 when The Zombies released ‘This Will Be Our Year’ there were reasons to be optimistic. The year before the UK expressed interest in joining the European Economic Community, The Beatles had released Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the BBC had launched Radio 1 to create a legitimate alternative to Radio Caroline. It was clearly a heady time for youth culture.

Fast forward to 2022 and there are similar reasons to be optimistic. After two years of lock-down life and adjustment to life outside of Europe, there is a feeling that we are not just going back to work, but actually going forward to work. While the last two years have bought struggle, they have also forced us to question how we want to fill our days and readdress the work-life balance. In this time we’ve re-connected with nature, surrounded ourselves with animals and have been reminded of the importance of friendship.

While ‘This Will Be Our Year’ is shrouded with positivity it’s the second part of the refrain “Took a long time to come” which gives the song its pertinence. While the opening lines, the “warmth of your smile” is supported with the reassurance “You don’t have to worry, all your worried days are gone.” 

The Daydream Club – This Will Be Our Year

The Daydream Club’s version feels like a journey through the eras. It opens with a lone female vocal, the stripped-back production momentarily recalls a lullaby and Verra Lyn’s and post-war optimism, when the drums arrive there is a hint of The Ronnettes and Phil Spector’s production, then the version is bought up to date with dizzying synths that glow and radiate the warmth of the sun. It’s time to throw open those curtains and step back out into the world. We really do deserve this! This single will become part of a future album called Got It Covered.

The ‘now’ economy

The Daydream Club like many other artists recognise the need to change with the times. After all, we are now living in a new ‘now economy’ where people expect things immediately, attention spans are getting shorter and that means the old model of a big gap between album releases no longer works.

Momentum is the name of the game and The Daydream Club are using this release to signal the change to a more fluid release structure. They now plan to release a steady stream of songs as they write/record them. This allows them to work on multiple albums simultaneously with the potential for each single to be completely different from the last.

Moving forward the band want to take the concept a step further. Have you ever wanted a personalised song? In an attempt to create more of a community The Daydream Club would like to make that happen. They’re encouraging fans to submit stories from their lives and Adam and Paula will pick out any that inspires them to write a song that will be released as part of their new Song Stream.

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