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How YouTube Betrayed Unsigned Artists

How YouTube Betrayed Unsigned Artists

This article questions the value of YouTube to unsigned artists. Why is YouTube still not paying unsigned artists for every stream?  There are 400...

Squall. Connecting Musicians To Social Media Influencers

Right Chord Music announces the launch of Squall, an influencer marketing platform for music. Introducing...
Content Marketing for unsigned artists

Why Content Marketing is the Best Way to Promote Yourself as a Unsigned Artist

This is a guest blog from Point Blank Music School, an electronic music school based in London, LA, Ibiza and more, which was recently...
Unsigned Bands take the big survey

Unsigned Bands Complete The Big Survey

Unsigned bands tell us your challenges! Right Chord Music have launched the Musicians Census to better understand the challenges facing unsigned bands and independent...
Spotify The Daydream Club

Fans Not Fame. A New Way To Promote Independent Music on Spotify

The Daydream Club are an independent alt. folk duo from Leicester. Right now they attract more streams per month on Spotify than any of...
6 Reasons Why Storytelling Improves Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands

6 Reasons Why Storytelling Improves Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands

As a music blog that receives hundreds of emails a week, we can confirm that there is very little newsworthiness in the headline 'unsigned...
PAYG Independent Artist Management

Pay As You Go Independent Artist Management

Are you an unsigned band or independent artist looking for artist management? Check out our sister site Major Labl. Introducing Major Labl Major Labl is our...
The Daydream Club The Record Shop

How Did An Unsigned Band Achieve One Million Spotify Streams In Two Weeks?

In this article, we explore how an unsigned band called The Daydream Club achieved one million Spotify streams in just two weeks. The challenges facing...
Social Media in music promotion

The Evolving Role of Social Media In Music Promotion

Social media has changed the music marketing landscape forever. While it’s easy to be impressed by the scale of an artist’s social media footprint,...
Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine

How To Break An Unsigned Band In Only 10 Weeks

This is a very special episode of Lost On Radio telling the story of Project Rebel, an audacious attempt to break an unsigned band...
Apple Music

Why Apple Music Lacks A Core

Mark Knight, founder of Right Chord Music explains why Apple Music fails true music discoverers and unsigned bands. I've always been a firm believer that...

Facebook The Guide – For Bands And Artists

We've seen a ton of articles relating to Facebook best practice, but none of them really go far enough or go into enough detail...