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This is a very special episode of Lost On Radio telling the story of Project Rebel, an audacious attempt to break an unsigned band called Broken Witt Rebels in just ten weeks using the power of media.

Project Rebel – How to break an unsigned band

To help launch the content division of WPP owned media agency MEC we created an audacious challenge to find and break an unsigned band in just 10 weeks without using radio or press. This special edition of Lost On Radio tells the story of the project, which ended up on the main stage in Cannes. Spoiler alert, we succeeded and the band are now signed to Universal.

 A New Model For Independent Artists

Using and adapting the fans not fame model we had created for The Daydream Club we set out to reimagine the music marketing model for unsigned bands and independent artists.

We identified six key strategic principles to guide the campaign.

  1. Start with existing fans – not radio listeners
  2. Start at income Spotify and focus on streams not sales
  3. Focus on owned channels (social media) not paid media
  4. Promote the band and the catalogue not a single
  5. Recognise if it’s new to me, it’s new music

Finding The Band

We trawled our inbox, social media and live venues to find the right band, slowly whittling down our list to one incredible new band ‘Broken Witt Rebels.’

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