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6 ways independent artists can learn from brands

6 Ways Independent Artists Can Learn From Brands

How do you kick on to the next level and inspire new followers and fans beyond your current base? In this article Mark Knight,...
The Daydream Club Presents Podcast

Listen! The Daydream Club Presents Podcast

Recommended Listening. Looking for a new Podcast to soundtrack your commute, or walk in the park? We highly recommend The Daydream Club Presents. Introducing The...
Music Promotion: Nobody Cares About Your Music

Music Promotion: Nobody Cares About Your Music (As Much As You Do)

A truthful assessment of music promotion. The reality is simple. Your success starts and ends with you. Because at the end of the day...
DIY musician: 10 Ways To Build Engagement

Music Promotion. 10 Ways To Build Engagement As A DIY Musician

In this article, we explore 10 ways to build meaningful engagement as a DIY musician using social media and digital marketing. Social Media's and the...
Ethical Music Promotion

Music Promotion: 7 Challenges Facing Independent Artists

When it comes to music promotion, independent artist's face an overwhelming range of options and not everyone is in their corner. In the last few...
Music Blogs: How to get your music on them

Music Blogs: How To Get On Them?

Want to get on music blogs? Introducing The RCM Indie Collective. Submit your music once and you could be featured by 9 indie music...
Music Promotion: The Challenge of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. Why Are They So Complicated?

Facebook Ads provide musicians with a powerful and effective tool to promote their music in a sustainable way, but unless Facebook changes its advertising...
The Takeover Conference

The Takeover Online Music Conference For Independent Artists

The Takeover returns this October and becomes the first online music conference designed to support the challenges faced by independent artists. Tickets are on...
The Takeover Festival. 12 Challenges Facing Facebook Live Events

The Takeover Festival: 12 Challenges Facing Facebook Live Events

We recently ran The Takeover Festival an online music festival presented by Bose in support of Nordoff Robbins. Over three days we had 49...
why radio pluggers make no sense for unsigned artists

Unsigned Bands: Should Stop Wasting Money On Radio Pluggers

In this article, we explain why radio pluggers fail to deliver the reach or frequency required to make a positive impact for unsigned and...
Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine

How To Break An Unsigned Band In Only 10 Weeks

This is a very special episode of Lost On Radio telling the story of Project Rebel, an audacious attempt to break an unsigned band...
music streaming services vs physical music

Can Physical Music Really Co-exist With Streaming Platforms

When we consider the evolution of music and listening habits in the UK, it’s very clear that streaming platforms like Spotify are the most...