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6 Reasons Why Storytelling Improves Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands

6 Reasons Why Storytelling Improves Music Promotion for Unsigned Bands

As a music blog that receives hundreds of emails a week, we can confirm that there is very little newsworthiness in the headline 'unsigned...
Unsigned Bands take the big survey

Unsigned Bands Complete The Big Survey

Unsigned bands tell us your challenges! Right Chord Music have launched the Musicians Census to better understand the challenges facing unsigned bands and independent...
Broken Witt Rebels Georgia Pine

How To Break An Unsigned Band In Only 10 Weeks

This is a very special episode of Lost On Radio telling the story of Project Rebel, an audacious attempt to break an unsigned band...
The Daydream Club Presents Podcast

Listen! The Daydream Club Presents Podcast

Recommended Listening. Looking for a new Podcast to soundtrack your commute, or walk in the park? We highly recommend The Daydream Club Presents. Introducing The...
Social Media in music promotion

The Evolving Role of Social Media In Music Promotion

Social media has changed the music marketing landscape forever. While it’s easy to be impressed by the scale of an artist’s social media footprint,...
band retreat

It’s Time To Plan Your Band Retreat

In this article RCM Founder, Mark Knight considers how escaping the day to day to reflect on the bigger picture can provide new direction...
Music Promotion: Nobody Cares About Your Music

Music Promotion: Nobody Cares About Your Music (As Much As You Do)

A truthful assessment of music promotion. The reality is simple. Your success starts and ends with you. Because at the end of the day...

Can You Recover From Free Music?

I've lost count of the number of articles I've read that insist bands and artists should give their music away for free.  Personally I...
Ethical Music Promotion

Music Promotion: 7 Challenges Facing Independent Artists

When it comes to music promotion, independent artist's face an overwhelming range of options and not everyone is in their corner. In the last few...
Music Promotion: The Challenge of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads. Why Are They So Complicated?

Facebook Ads provide musicians with a powerful and effective tool to promote their music in a sustainable way, but unless Facebook changes its advertising...

Twitter – A Guide For Bands And Independent Artists

Twitter is hard work, and that’s borne out by the stats. 40% of users don’t publish anything, 25% have no followers and only 5%...
Musicians. Facebook is down!

Musicians: If Facebook Disappeared Forever Would Your Fans Care?

Yesterday the world was plunged into darkness, the unthinkable happened... Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went off-line. For a generation of musicians so reliant on...