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Dean Parker steps off the sidelines to release ‘Smoke’

Dean Parker’s latest move, from off the sidelines to becoming a fully-fledged solo artist, is one of the luckiest finds the singer-songwriter scene has...

Young Fatigue ask ‘Am I Pretty Now’ on latest pop-punk track

Young Fatigue pull no punches in titling their latest release ‘Am I Pretty Now?’ - a question that wriggles in the crevices of all...

Strange Souvenirs give us everything with ‘Nothing2’ 13th May

‘Nothing2’ begins with a classic singer-songwriter guitar strum, and some jangling piano. You might be forgiven for expecting a mellow, 1970s influenced ballad. But...

Forgetting the Future brim with youthful vim on new single ‘Latch’

Infectious, golden and gripping are the first three words that come to mind when thinking of Latch, the newest release from northern four-piece Forgetting...