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The Hybris Explore ‘Imposter Syndrome’ On New Single

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The Hybris ‘Imposter Syndrome is all alt-rock, big guitars with a hint of self-loathing

The Hybris – Imposter Syndrome

Impostor syndrome – the feeling that we’re faking our abilities, personality or status, and the fear that one day it’s all going to crash down around us as we get found out. Personally, I call that a Wednesday morning, but The Hybris have turned it into an alt-rock jam. (What if they have impostor syndrome about creating this song? The mind boggles.)

The Hybris is an international alt-rock project that began in Germany and continues through virtual collaboration as the members are now spread between Germany, France and the US. They also create music as their anthropomorphic animal-superhero alter egos – go figure!

“Imposter Syndrome is a charged alt-rock banger, pulsating with menace and self-doubt.”

‘Know that I’m a liar…you’ll call me a liar’, sing the lyrics, riddled with self-loathing yet delivered with a gleeful ‘I told you so’ attitude. The lyrics are direct and emotional yet sometimes incoherent – when he sings ‘I will show you what you really are’, you’re unclear whether it’s loving or threatening. The lead vocals command a lot of charisma and range, displaying Freddie Mercury-style vibrato alongside rock-metal screaming. 

The production is a solid, big sound, with a driving bass riff, thrashing guitars and thundering drum runs. But there are some nice unexpected moments – chromatic harmonies, sudden changes in the groove, a haunting piano line – to keep the interest. The track ends with a surprisingly mellow outro, just a voice and a faraway, distorted electric guitar. If you think you’d enjoy some alt-rock with a nihilistic feel and shades of Queen and Evanescence, give this a listen. 

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Words Eden Tredwell