First Signs of Love No 229 Mount St. Helen ‘Pariahs’

Mount St. Helen are our latest First Signs of Love featured artist. This feature is about the moment you find a new band to love, and you can’t get enough! Discover more from our archive.

Mount St. Helen – ‘Pariahs’

I’ve often thought the world looked and maybe even sounded better when viewed in black and white and Oxford newcomers Mount St. Helen are hell-bent on proving this point. 

Everything about Mount St. Helen seems optimised for monochrome with social posts, release artwork, logo, and even the video for their debut single Pariahs.

The net effect is an immediate sense of gravitas, this band feels fucking massive and immediately iconic. But a band can only get so far with a style choice, and Mount St. Helen backs it up with a devastatingly powerful debut single.

Pariahs sets out with equal parts ‘simmer’ and ‘jab’ before exploding in the most glorious of ways. Thunderous drums pound, wave after wave and guitars are hammered to a point beyond passion and angst.

By the time the refrain ‘Felt so real’ rings out you’ll be entranced. Mount St. Helen have put down a marker for indie bands in 2024. This is exciting.

Scouring the Internet does not reveal too much else about Mount St. Helen although I did discover there is a band called Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, whose song Albatross, Albatross, Albatross is also an indie banger!

Getting back to Mount St. Helen, we like what we see and love what we hear. Catch them live at the legendary Jerrico Tavern in Oxford on March 8th.

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Words Mark Knight