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The Underclass Are Having ‘Bad Dreams’

The Underclass - Bad Dreams

Stoke-based five-piece The Underclass charm us with their new indie floor filler ‘Bad Dreams’.

The Underclass – Bad Dreams

Stoke-On-Trent indie rock band The Underclass have released their new single ‘Bad Dreams’, a melodic tune with an immensely catchy chorus. It’s the group’s second single this year following Hometown and it’s definitely worth a listen.

There is heavy guitar right from the start, and this instrumental evolves into an amazing tune. The vocals are rich with emotion and full of invigorating energy. After just one listen, you just know ‘Bad Dreams’ is one of those songs that would be spectacular live.

The chorus is where this energy is most prevalent, and we are brought to a second verse via another heavy guitar sequence, which really gives an exciting hook to the song. Subtle shifts in the instrumental and the tone of the song make it all the more enjoyable, and we are consistently captivated.

It’s been said The Underclass have ‘carved their own niche into the landscape of modern indie rock’ and while this could be a little presumptive, the early signs are encouraging.  The band cite Oasis, The Enemy and The Twang as influences. However, it’s definitely clear – especially through ‘Bad Dreams’ – that they are starting to develop their own authentic sound. 

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Words: Françoise Maurer