Young Fatigue ask ‘Am I Pretty Now’ on latest pop-punk track

Young Fatigue pull no punches in titling their latest release ‘Am I Pretty Now?’ – a question that wriggles in the crevices of all our brains, even if we’ve never actually said it out loud.

Young Fatigue – Am I Pretty Now

Although body image and insecurity has been a topic arising in music for over a decade now, you rarely see it being tackled by boys with guitars. The stigma of men openly sharing their emotions adds another layer onto an already difficult subject, so I must commend Young Fatigue for this. Plus, it’s catchy!

London based Young Fatigue brand themselves an alternative punk band, with this track marking the first in a set marked for release this year.

‘Am I Pretty Now?’ is a classic pop-punk banger, yet unafraid to cover the more unusual subject matter.

The group’s incisive lyrics are crammed full of imagery, so when they talk of shame and ‘sweating through the pores’, it hits home. There are influences of early 2000s bands like Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy, which I’m a nostalgic sucker for. There’s a craft in their classic catchy melodies, too.

With their sharp guitars, heady drums and attitude-filled bass, it’s a band primed and ready to shine in a live setting. (Props must also go to veteran producer Chris Coulter.) I particularly enjoyed the juicy drum hits and a headbanging, half-time middle section. If they can keep up this undeniable energy, surely a bright stage awaits Young Fatigue.

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Words Eden Tredwell