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French Exit Are Still ‘Dreaming’

French Exit Dreaming on Right Chord Music

French Exit, a South East London quartet, return with their brooding sophomore track ‘Dreaming’.

French Exit – Dreaming

Formed a year and a half ago in January of 2023, French Exit has already achieved notable milestones. They have performed extensively across London, including slots at renowned venues like the Windmill with YOWL, the Half Moon, and Strongroom. Their debut single Still has collected over 2000 streams since launch day, accompanied by praise from BBC Introducing, solidifying their growing presence in the indie music scene.

With such a solid debut, the lingering question was whether they could replicate their success with their sophomore release. Let’s discover the answer!

Their brand new single Dreaming was born out of studio improvisation, where two members practiced until inspiration struck. The band believes this piece translates well live and anticipates it will be enthusiastically received by audiences eager to experience its captivating charm and energy.

Beginning with melancholy-fueled guitar chords and understated drums, this composition’s verses are a poignant showcase of indie rock brilliance. A gentle vocal delivery adds sensitivity to introspective lyrics. Dreaming reaches a sublime crescendo at the passionately driven chorus, brimming with unfiltered emotion and cohesive musicality.

“Dreaming is a sonically beautiful, cohesive piece that embodies its name with a dreamy soundscape, flawlessly executed to evoke hopeful nostalgia.”

In under two years, French Exit have carved out their place in the competitive UK indie scene. As they look ahead, anticipation grows for their future releases and the evolution of their sound. With each track, they continue to solidify their position as a band to watch.

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Words Javier Rodriguez