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NOISE Leave Their Mark On ‘Not Until Tomorrow Night’

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NOISE explode into your ears with infectious rock EP ‘Not Until Tomorrow Night’

NOISE – Not Until Tomorrow Night

First things first. Wow does this EP kick ass. From the opening chords on ‘Victor’ to the closing spoken line on ‘ODAAT (Part 2)’, a line that ties the whole record up in a neat bow), you’ll be floored by strong production, good ole-fashioned songwriting sensibilities and tasteful guitar work. Achingly poignant in today’s lukewarm indie rock climate, NOISE house an energy that’s hard to pinpoint but thankfully inescapable. 

Propelled by the talents of its four members, Luke Doleman (vocals and guitar), Robbie Duncan (bass), Ghassan Junior Khawli (guitar) and Evan Doleman (drums), NOISE is a band from Glasgow. They’ve spent the last few years building a loyal fanbase thanks to their eclectic approach to indie rock and powerful live performances. Hailing from various spiritual and cultural backgrounds, the four-piece recognize this for the strength that it is and channel their differences into every track.

Kickstarted by ‘Victor’, an infectious banger that uses the story of Frankenstein to explore feelings of alienation and the darker sides of ourselves, the EP goes on to dive into themes of self-reflection, relationship problems and personal struggles. ‘One Year’ strips things back while diving into a simpler, 90’s rock vibe almost reminiscent of Matchbox 20. A brilliant chorus that gets stuck in your head is nestled neatly in between relatable lyricism and a heart-tugging guitar solo.

‘Take Me (Back To)’ starts off with dialogue from an old movie – a perfect example of how the group utilizes more modern and contemporary approaches to their classic songwriting style. The track keeps the ball rolling, never letting the EP settle down or lose sight of itself. ‘ODAAT (Part 1)’  is intimate and lush but not lacking in any power. The backing vocals make the track glisten with atmosphere and gives you a breather before the addictive ‘Waltz’ sparks into your headphones. Another track hinting at the bands soft rock influences, it sounds beautifully full, carried by powerful rhythm performances and an upbeat, creative approach to its ¾ time signature. A personal favourite of mine, the craftsmanship oozes from every inch of this song.

Finished by the soulful and heartfelt ballad ‘ODAAT (Part 2), the record ends on a high note. Warm in its approach to an otherwise sorrowful topic, it acts as an anecdote for the EP as a whole – a fiery embrace for a cold night. The movie dialogue really adds an added emotion to an already emotive track.

The instrumentation throughout is like a breath of fresh air. While diving into fresh soundscapes and modern utilities, the EP also works brilliantly when it lets the acoustic lay the bedrock for Doleman’s stunning vocals. This stripped-back approach shows off the brilliant songwriting and the slighter touches of sonic innovation add a distinct character. With the talents of Jamie and Paul Savage in Chem19 Recording Studio in Glasgow (who have produced records for artists such as Mogwai, The Delgado’s and Arab Strip as part of the Chemikal Underground label and who have worked with the likes of Calvin Harris and Franz Ferdinand in the past), the record burns with passion that’s addictively charming.

“If a good EP leaves you wanting more, NOISE have crafted a masterpiece.”

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Words Ciarán Coleman