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Episode 70. The Right Chord ‘Lost On Radio’ Podcast – Special Extended Show (Farewell Andy)


Welcome to the 70th episode of the Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio Podcast. Presented by Andy Mort – sadly for the very last time, and curated by Mark Knight and Andy Mort, Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible undiscovered music overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. (To listen click on the play button at the bottom of this post.)

A huge thanks to Andy for helping us launch the Lost On Radio podcast and for making our dream a weekly reality. Everyone here at RCM wishes him every success for your future. We encourage you to visit his blog and  pre-order the new Atlum Schema album Year O

Lost On Radio will continue and we will be relaunching a new look show next week. Until then enjoy a special extended episode.

This week’s featured artists:

1. Bogan Via – Wait Up

2. Half Moon Run – Full Circle

3. Right Chord Music ‘First Signs Of Love’ Ego Honey – Seventeen

4. Jeff Pianki – Missing Parts

5. SPC ECO – Hollow Talk

6. Right Chord Music ‘Artist Of The Wee’ Dan Bettridge – Darker Days

7. Deptford Goth – Life After Devo

8. Houses – Beginnings

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