Mark Knight has 16 years experience working as a music marketing consultant for some of the world’s biggest brands including Coca-Cola, Nokia & T-Mobile, and 10 years experience as an artist manager previously with Blackchords and now The Daydream Club. It’s this fusion of the music brand world and music band world which sets Right Chord Music apart.

Mark’s story… Right Chord Music was founded to try to combine my passion with my professional skills. It took me a while to figure out how that could work!

The explosion of social media and sites like Myspace signalled an exciting shift and opportunity for independent artists to get themselves out there. Myspace failed for many reasons, but one reason was bands were told success came with quantity over quality. There was a crazy daily battle to add hundreds of new ‘fans.’ In reality they weren’t fans and as ‘fans’ went up engagement went down.

This was probably the moment when I realised that the realities of being a musician had changed forever. From this point forward it was no longer enough just to write great songs, you also needed to become a tenacious, creative, strategic and opportunistic marketeer.

It was pretty clear to me that most musicians didn’t have the appetite to take on this new role, and even those that did – were lacking the skills to make a difference. So for the first time I understood how my skills could help. I started working with a band called Blackchords, from Melbourne Australia. It was 2006 and I set up and ran their Myspace page. As things began happening for the band I became more evolved and ultimately became their UK manager helping arrange their UK tours (2009, 2010) and managing their PR and radio plugging campaigns.

The aim of Right Chord Music is to bring the discipline of the brand marketing world to the music marketing world, encouraging bands to think more like brands in their approach to marketing. In real terms this means spending more time planning before trying to promote your music.

There are currently seven parts to Right Chord Music

1.  RCM new music blog. We showcase the best new music focusing on independent artists and unsigned bands.

2. Lost On Radio Show We showcase incredible new, undiscovered and under appreciated music from around the web and the world.

3. #RCMHangout Sessions We’ve created an innovative live music platform that enables bands to play live from RCM to the world.

4. Music sync. We  put your music to work in TV shows and film.

5. Music marketing supportWe publish articles, guides, and offer services to artists promote their music more effectively.

6. Artist management – We currently manage The Daydream Club and provide Pay As You Go management advice and support for a host of other unsigned and independent artists.

7. LiveMusicSession.TV – Check out our new sister site. Everyday film makers around the world capture incredible live music sessions and they all end up here.


Dan Williams is an English Language graduate and marketer within the entertainment industry, hailing from East London. Spending his early teens during the rise of Brtipop, Dan has a fondness for British bands, mod-culture and a new-found love for Northern Soul. An open mind when listening to new music, RCM provides him the perfect platform to explore quality unsigned artists.

Jen Grimble is a freelance writer who has worked with us for over two years. Jen also finds time to write her own blog ‘100 WPB,’ where she condenses the world around her, into one hundred words or less. Follow her on twitter @JenGrimble.

Nick Kavanagh has been listening to music avidly for nearly 50 years. Determined not to be one of those “clinging on to the seventies” music lovers, Nick listens to new music Podcasts, BandCamp and Amazing Tunes as much as possible. He is constantly amazed by the quality of new music out there.

Nicholas Cheek: Living in Melbourne, Australia, I have spent the last 15 years playing drums in a variety of musical projects.  Some have been great, some have been fairly questionable, all of them have been worthwhile. My musical journey has taken me all over Australia, The UK and parts of Europe.  I have a quite singular passion for music, and a good deal of knowledge about music and the industry.  I love the resurgence of vinyl, the availability of streaming, all things electronic, the sound of analog, music written yesterday, and songs from 40 years ago.  I bring a ‘south of the equator’ view to music, and will hopefully provide some insight into the happenings in the Australian scene.  I am very excited to be part of the extended RCM family.

Winston Freeman also known as ‘The Dead Sea Captain’ is a Travelling Street Musician/Producer/Writer and Artist who has worked for BBC Radio’s Popular Music Show, ran his own studio and Record Label (Lost at Sea Records) and has produced over 50 albums in the last 12 years.  He is currently in a duo with his fiancée and they are now writing their 3rd album together.    You can visit his digital HQ here

Daniel Lugg is London-based music blogger. He has written over 70 reviews for new albums on his own blog, Succinct Music. He writes concise and original posts on artists and groups of many genres, including folk, blues, experimental, electronic, jazz and world music. He also composes and produces his own electronic and experimental music.

Andy Mort is a UK-based musician and writer. Bearded Magazine described him as having a “daring and innovative approach to creating and releasing modern music, proving him and his alter-ego Atlum Schema to be a bright beacon in the depths of British music today.” He champions a culture of collaboration within art and also writes a blog on creativity, philosophy and things that inspire. Andy presented the first 70 or so episodes of our Lost On Radio podcast.

Rob Bridge Rob (redwood) Bridge is a photographer, writer and speaker with a specific interest in the music industry, promotional artwork and images, and supporting unsigned acts across the globe. You can read his blog here.

Claire Weston Claire has just returned to London after spending 15 months travelling around the USA and living in Vancouver, Canada. As well as contributing live reviews to Right Chord Music, Claire has started up her own blog writing about her love of live music.

Mark Nichols: Mark has spent the past few years immersed in the music industry both as an artist and listener. He has toured the UK and Europe performing and discovering new music along the way. Having always had an interest in media and journalism, Mark has taken a different approach in to writing. He is now distance-learning in Freelance Photo Journalism and continues to pursue his artist career.

Laura Midgley: is a music graduate from the University of Leeds. She grew up in Yorkshire immersed in music, spending ten years in a professional touring choir and now lives in London where she enjoys writing and performing with her partner as part of acoustic duo The FreewheelShe also performs in party covers band Lost Truth Band specialising in their very own funk/soul/reggae versions of popular classics. To hear The Freewheel’s EP Something’s Got to Give please visit their SoundCloud page.

Gemma Dunstan is a broadcaster specialising in music radio. Currently working with BBC Introducing, Gemma combines her love of unsigned musical talent with that of radio. Not content with just broadcasting, Gemma is also a musician herself currently exploring the Ukulele amongst other musical endeavours. Writing for RCM is not only a natural progression in her discovery and promotion of new music but also a great pleasure.

Ellie Witt is a 2nd year student at the University of Liverpool studying Philosophy and Communication Studies. Ellie writes for numerous music blogs and magazines, with a particular passion for acoustic folk music. Whilst having an interest in music and looking to set up her own artist management company, she one day hopes to become a journalist and novelist. Ellie has now set up ACE Liverpool.

Sadie Walton is a full-time writer, who has been reviewing gigs, albums and music in general since being at college – which was way back in the late 1990s! Now, after various career paths including owning her own coffee businesses, she has been able to return to her first love of writing, and still enjoys reviewing music in her spare time by writing for Right Chord Music and several other national music websites.

Lazy Acre Records is a tiny little record company burrowed away in deepest Northamptonshire. Since 2007 we have tasked ourselves with bringing the finest in Norwegian indie pop and other musical delights to the ears of as many people as we can. The label has previously played home to the likes of Bellman, The Little Hands of Asphalt, Adam Gnade, Moggz, MyLittlePony, Pipedream, Sunturns, Uno Moller, I See Horses, Sledding with Tigers, Stylusboy, Misha Non Penguin, Monzano, Twin Pines Mall, Marcel Thee, Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams and Solvor Vermeer.

The Red Red. The Red Red is a music video production company based in Hampshire. They aim to produce outstanding videos for outstanding music. collaboration Consisting of Jake Hawkins and Rob Luckins they met on the set of Jake’s feature film Zombie Resurrection where Rob was his camera assistant and they have been working together on music videos ever since.

If you are interested in joining the RCM editorial team please visit our contact page and complete the form

Artist Testimonials:

“Mark’s experience and knowledge of marketing combined with his involvement in the music industry has proven to be invaluable. He constantly presents innovative ideas, taking into account current social and technological trends. We highly recommend working with him” [Adam & Paula: The Daydream Club]

“The resources collated on RCM help musicians create structure to support promoting their music. Mark’s personalised advice addresses those specific questions that reading an article can’t always answer, and enabled us to create a clear, objective-based plan to move forward. Generally, musicians aren’t good at making a plan. Let him help you.” [Matt Paisley, Shy Nature]

“Mark’s media-savvy and highly contemporary approach to all aspects of promoting an artist come across loud and clear after only a brief amount of time in his company. His awareness of the nature of the modern industry and of the appropriate and effective marketing strategies are sophisticated and concise. More impressive and important however, is his obvious passion for and commitment to quality new music and it’s promotion. I can highly recommend working with him.” [Jack Omer: Singer Songwriter]

“It is great to get a successful pro’s opinion on what you are currently doing right, and where you can improve. It feels good to feel like the actions we have taken are working towards a plan which has worked in the past.” [Nick Majer: Lazyflux]

“Mark’s knowledge of the industry, and more importantly the ins and outs of the online world, social media, and effective marketing, is invaluable to artists in the current climate. Most important, however, is his passion for and commitment to music, that is the factor that makes all the difference. We look forward to working with him long into the future.” [Nick Cheek: Former drummer Blackchords]