Minas – Drinker

Minas is the musical endeavour of Athens born and Cardiff bred James Minas. Drinker is his third single release of 2020.

Introducing Minas

Minas blends classically trained melody and progressive electronic soundscapes with his anomalous yet emotional vocals, telling personal stories of mental health struggles, love and loss.

Starting life as a house producer, Minas honed his own music joining the Cardiff group Dead Method after university.

Accepted onto the Forté Project in 2018, Minas also pursued his solo endeavour, and explored a dark hip-hop inspired sound in his initial EPs “Kid” and “Granted”. He parted ways with Dead Method in late 2018 but continues to produce for the project. Both of his solo EPs saw underground acclaim and success, with a sold out Cardiff launch show in May 2019 for ‘Granted’, which was released by Disrupción Records.

James has also been working with artists from Wales on their own releases as a producer. He’s worked with RCM favourite Dan Bettridge, plus Luke RV, Natty Paynter, Local, Foxxglove, Mogan, Noah Bouchard, Swannick and more. He’s also working on upcoming music with Eleri Angharad, Sonny Winnebago, Ellice among others.

Minas – Drinker

‘Drinker’ is a prelude to the forthcoming Minas album. It’s a song about fighting with the thoughts in your head that cloud your vision, and those thoughts affecting your connection to others. The song asks “do you really want to put up with me when I’m like this?” whilst also explaining why we lash out when we’re overwhelmed.

While some music is designed to for escapism, Drinker is ruthlessly grounded in the realities of the day to day. It’s this authenticity that cuts through. The video, a near fly on the wall documentary is intriguing for it’s druggery.

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