Friday, August 12, 2022
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Love Our Records Presents Super Mega Preview Two.

This essential mix-tape from our friends at Love Our Records features forthcoming releases from artists including Yannick, Endoflevelbaddie, Human Machine, Eky, Black Dots, Drartz, Tom...

Blog Takeover Part 4. Guest Editor Tony Lazarus

Hi my name is Tony Lazarus, and I am a keyboard player / singer with a passion for music - most music. I also...

#FSOL 26. Trwbador ‘Sun In The Winter’

With it's plodding rhythm 'Sun In The Winter' by Trwbador rather stumbled into our consciousness. Once there it quietly set up camp before unleashing the...

New Releases: On The Right Chord Music Stereo

There is just so much amazing new music caressing our ear lobes this week. To avoid missing anything out, here is a round-up of...

RCM Interview: COURTS

Our very own Ellie Witt caught up with our band of the week 'COURTS' to understand the challenges facing a new band, and what...