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First Signs Of Love No. 91. GlitterEmcee – Hellorato



Here at Right Chord Music we get sent a ton of music with little or no other information attached. It’s frustrating when you don’t even have an email address to contact the artist to find out more. When this happens 90% of the time the email is deleted and we move on to the next one.

GlitterEmcee is somewhat of a one-off, an artist that we know little or nothing about, but we still felt compelled to feature. Google searches tell us her name is J’aime, or Jaime Lee, she lives somewhere in the US (Boston, California, Idaho, Nashville are all potential destinations) and she’s a 24-year-old indie artist who refuses to be defined by a genre.


So what of the music? Hellorato seems to be about a year old (breaking more of our new music rules) it fuses trip-hop, female fronted hip-hop with a brilliantly stoned out reggae sound. We’ve worked hard for this one, but against all the odds, this is still The First Signs Of Love, you can download Hellorato for free via SoundCloud.

We’d love to find out more. GlitterEmcee please get in touch.