Artist of The Week. Freeholm Wilson

Freeholm Wilson is a musician from North London.  His debut LP  ‘Children of June’ is set for release in March, but you can have a cheeky first listen here. Freeholm produces his songs in a dusty North London basement on reel to reel and a collection of old analogue equipment from yesteryear.  He admits listening to

Episode 159. Lost On Radio Podcast

The Lost On Radio Podcast is a weekly showcase of incredible new, undiscovered, and under appreciated music from around the world. The show is curated and presented by Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. Lost On Radio aims to showcase incredible artists that have been overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late

Indie Artists Reimagine The Beatles

It’s fifty years since The Beatles released Rubber Soul and Revolver, two releases cited among the most influential albums of all time. In the mid-1960s these two recordings ushered in a new set of recording standards and marked the group’s transition from the land of rock into the realm of art, ensuring their ascent into legend. In celebration of

First Signs of Love No. 170 The Sherlocks

There was a time, not so long ago when you couldn’t move for ‘The’ bands, ‘The’ bands had guitars, zest and passion, they made music exciting and nights out last that bit longer.  Then they all seemed to disappear, replaced by passionless electro pop acts. Maybe now the guitar is back? Lets hope so! The

First Signs of Love No 167. The King’s Parade

Have you heard the one about the four-piece that honed their skills by playing 40 hours a week on a Hawaiian cruise ship? No really it’s true! They are a new London band called The King’s Parade, they are this week’s First Signs of Love featured band and this is their debut single ‘Bunched Up Letters’. On Bunched

RCM Interview. Amanda Van West ‘Band Of The Day’ app.

As a blog that loves to champion incredible new music, we’re always on the hunt for great new sources of music recommendation and the Band Of The Day app is one of our favourites. We caught up with Amanda Van West to find out more. Firstly can you introduce yourself. Who are you and what

RCM Interview. The Plea

Irish four piece the The Plea are our Band Of The Week. Their music is honest and real, just like the guys themselves, and we were lucky enough to grab them for a quick interview to find out a bit more about them and the story behind their music… Questions by Ellie Witt. Can you describe