The Silent Death Knell: A Missive From The Inside.

Back in 2013 Alex Keevill, lead singer from The Microdance wrote a guest post for Right Chord Music about the financial challenges facing independent artists. The article hit a nerve and was widely shared and reposted across a number of blogs including Music Think Tank. As a blog that champions independent musicians we are delighted

Band of The Week. Dear Plastic

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia this is 5-piece band ‘Dear Plastic‘ they make part avant pop, part trip hop. It’s music for anyone that fondly remembers Portishead, or Zero 7. Regular listeners may recall us playing their track ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ on Episode 139 of our Lost On Radio Podcast. Despite being close to releasing their

First Signs Of Love No 126. Zena Kitt

Born to Iraqi parents and raised in London, singer Zena Kitt follows her début release, ‘Gun’ with new single ‘Requiem’ and it’s this week’s First Signs of Love featured track. Requiem is a wonderfully seductive and passion  fuelled piece of electro-pop. “Will you be my saviour?”  The track channels influences as diverse as Kate Bush, Portishead, Bat

Artist Of The Week. Fifi Rong

Beijing-born visionary Fifi Rong, could never be described as boring. With dazzling looks, ethereal vocals and alternative electro beats, this London-based singer-songwriter is anything but ordinary. From her extensive genre hoping, to her mix of cultural styles, where East meets West, Rong is the ultimate hybrid. Rong’s music has received support from Tom Robinson of

The Mouth Of Ghosts – You Will Go Again From Me EP

‘You Will Go Again From Me’ is the brand new release from London-based 5 piece The Mouth of Ghosts, which follows on from the 2012 release ‘When the Sun Sets’, the title track of which was one of BBC Introducing’s best discoveries of the year. The bands newest five track EP continues to showcase their

Band Of The Week. The Mouth Of Ghosts

Alternative rock collective The Mouth of Ghosts, are a five-piece from London. The band describe their music as ‘alt-rock-trip-hop’, an entirely accurate summary of their sound; a mix of delicate elegance and intense theatrics. The bands debut E.P ‘When the Sun Sets’ was released last year and the title track soon became short listed as

Band Of The Week. All Eyes

Minneapolis based four piece All Eyes, are an eclectic collaborative band, focusing on soft dance tones and acoustic pop. Writing compelling and hypnotic songs that captivate on both a musical and spiritual level, is what makes this band exception. With lead singer Alicia Wiley making every tune as captivating as the last, this is a

The Mouth Of Ghosts ‘When The Sun Sets’

The evocative introduction to the new single, When the Sun Sets by London based quintet The Mouth of Ghosts would initially confuse listeners into thinking they were about to launch into an Evanescence influenced goth rock tune. However, just seconds in and the tune collapses into a haunting, temperate melody with an unsettling Portishead-style vocal

All Eyes – Lost You Once

Lost You Once is taken from the forthcoming album, Shelf Life and serves to be a beautiful introduction to Minneapolis based four-piece, All Eyes. Judging from this track they are producers of dreamy, eletro-infused guitar pop.  There are shades of the Select Ambient Works of Aphex Twin, the melodies of Portishead and dischordened delicacy of