Julie & The Wrong Guys (Debut self-titled album)

It seems somewhat incongruous to use Julie Doiron’s name in the same sentence as ‘debut.’ That being said, Doiron’s latest musical incarnation, Julie & The Wrong Guys, are indeed preparing to release their debut full length album on the 8th of September.  Labelled as the ‘Godmother of Canadian Indie Rock’, Doiron began her career back

Band of The Week. Queen Chief

Hailing from the American State of Washington, Queen Chief are single-handily bringing grunge into the 21st Century. The band is the brainchild of 21-year-old lead vocalist, Justin Lien, whose Nordic, Germanic and Native American heritage, meant he grew up with a constant feeling of alienation. Dissatisfied with his surroundings, and with an overwhelming sense of

Flyying Colours – Flyying Colours EP

From Melbourne Australia, Flyying Colours’ sound is straight out of the 90’s…in a good way. Their debut self-title EP opens with a wondrous guitar riff that would have been right at home on Siamese Dream, and continues with it’s 90’s grunge/shoegaze influenced sound from there. First single Wavy Gravy, and the opening track Like You