RCM Video Exclusive: Zaritza – Slot Machine

Zaritza sends temperatures soaring with the video for her steamy, and seductive new single ‘Slot Machine’.

RCM Exclusive

We are delighted to have the exclusive first play of ‘Slot Machine’, the brand new video and single from Zaritza. Warning! you might need a cold shower after watching this.

Introducing Zaritza

Zaritza was born in a small village in Russia at the end of the Soviet era. As an only child, music was her constant companion and foil against the struggles of daily life.  From a young age Zaritza excelled at music both as a dancer and classical pianist. Her talents were quickly identified and she was fast-tracked under an intense curriculum for gifted musical students. She won numerous regional piano competitions and received awards and a stipend from the Russian government.  

As a teenager, Zaritza began to write and record her own original pop songs. After graduating from high school, and ten years of musical training, Zaritza emigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of greater creative freedom, and the chance to develop her musical career.

Musical influences

Zaritza’s music reflects a life between two worlds, exploring themes of love, identity, alienation, dreams and disappointment. Her music echoes her own personal journey, from Russian roots, to life as an American. In 2016 she was invited to share the story of her journey on the TEDx Conference stage.

Zaritza Slot Machine

Zaritza’s debut, self-titled album release in 2017 fused pop with rock, but it was her choice of two cover versions (Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box and Radiohead’s Talk Show Host) that hinted at something more. This was an artist clearly looking beyond the confines of pop.

Zaritza’s new single Slot Machine heralds a new dawn, and this time the shackles are off. The soft pop-rock, has been replaced with a more contemporary electro pop sound. Zaritza is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and exactly how to get it. The video’s highly charged, sensual themes explore female sexual confidence, desire and self-expression. This is not about the boy who gets the girl, it’s about the woman who gets the man and it’s on her terms! With “Slot Machine”, Zaritza aims to encourage and empower female sexual confidence. She says about Slot Machine…

“I believe it’s important for women to be comfortable in their own skin, to come out of their shell and feel empowered to express their sexuality, without being judged.” (Zaritza)

From calm beginnings the video explodes into life after 1 minute 30 seconds with the lyric ‘fuck me blind’ and after that, nothing is the same. The intensity builds from bedroom, to club, to spa where Zaritza, resplendent in a gold swimsuit boldly rides her sexual conquest, flinging her curled auburn locks behind her. Not since Kylie’s gold hot pants in Spinning Around has there been a more jubilant expression of female body confidence.

Slot Machine is a smart, sexy and seductive slice of electro pop. Devin Schiro’s racy, and provocative video perfectly underscores the themes of the track and provides the stage for Zaritza to showcase both her vocal range and her talent as a dancer. Her performance combines the poised expressiveness of ballet with the raw passion of modern dance.

Zaritza’s Guide to female sexual confidence

In support of the ‘Slot Machine’ single release Zaritza will be sharing her daily social media guide to female sexual confidence. Follow her on Instagram to learn more.

Zaritza EP

Slot Machine precedes a new EP which will continue to develop this new electro-pop sound, alongside a strong emphasis on video and dance performance, all that training was not wasted! 

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