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Asha June Reworks Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box

Asha June - Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana Rework

Asha June takes the classic Nirvana grunge song “Heart-Shaped Box” and reinvents it in her own style.

Asha June – Heart-Shaped Box

Asha’s rendition of “Heart-Shaped Box” is layered with luscious layered background vocals that are styled and mixed to become a part of the instruments. The piano parts are catchy and create a forward momentum in the song. Asha’s lead vocal is a standout performance. She has a seductive vocal tone and takes this song to new heights in her vocal melodies.

When asked about her style, Asha said “Growing up, the options were pretty limited to AM radio, or whatever Mum had on vinyl,’…adding her distinct vocal stylizing were, ‘likely as much due to the overabundance of country radio as it was to jazz”. The shapes and lines she creates in this song are imaginative and truly unique to who she is as a songwriter.

Asha June is an accomplished music graduate with a BA Honors degree in jazz and has spent time working in the corporate field of the industry. Her latest release is a song she has always wanted to cover. Asha said “It’s my interpretation, it reflects where and how I feel at this point in life. That’s the power of music. It’s transcendent.” Asha has done a beautiful job paying tribute to such an influential group while continuing to stay true to her unique style.

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Words Devin Renee