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PennyTrip Strike A Chord On ‘Pins & Needles’

PennyTrip Pins & Needles review on Right Chord Music

PennyTrip, a four-piece band from Birmingham, Alabama, explores themes of regret and introspection in their latest alt-rock track ‘Pins & Needles.’

PennyTrip – Pins & Needles

Amid the pandemic, Josh Chamblee started crafting and recording demos of songs that had been forming in his head for months. He later approached his longtime friend Brad White, a recording engineer and guitarist for Divine Shakes, to collaborate on refining these tracks, planting the seeds for PennyTrip and a fresh musical direction for both musicians.

Robbie Drake on drums and Steven Nash on bass completed the lineup of PennyTrip, solidifying the band’s blend of alternative rock and shoegaze. Their style draws heavy influence from iconic bands like Nirvana, Bush, Superheaven, Jimmy Eat World, Silverchair, and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Thematically, PennyTrip explores themes of individuality and self-discovery in mid-life, reflecting on both past experiences and future possibilities through their introspective melodies. This is evident in their latest release, “Pins & Needles,” which delves into the regret of not fully committing to a relationship, questioning missed opportunities, and grappling with the consequences of not following one’s instincts or taking risks.

Like a 90s time capsule, the influence from the aforementioned bands is palpable in this track, where hazy distorted guitars clash with euphoric drums, perfectly balanced by a shoegazy gentle vocal delivery that successfully transmits the heart-aching lyrics.

“Pins & Needles by PennyTrip is a remarkable alt-rock gem, infused with nostalgia.”

Overall, this composition strikes a chord with listeners, thanks to its relatable subject and familiar sonic landscape. It’s a highly recommended tune for those craving alt-rock with subtle shoegaze elements, expertly executed for an authentic musical experience.

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