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Spleen Bring Rock ‘n’ Roll Education With ‘Dystopic School’

Spleen Dystopic School review on the Right Chord Music Blog

Florence noise makers Spleen release their riotous debut three-track EP ‘Dystopic School’.

Spleen – Dystopic School

Whenever people discuss the beauty of Italy they often jump straight to the groundbreaking architecture, beautiful scenery or legendary artwork.  More time should be given to the burgeoning punk rock scene and bands like Spleen.

Kicking off with a pummeling drum beat and a chugging guitar riff, the EP springs into action with its titular track. Offering insight into a chaotic education, the track rejects ‘coming of age’ teenage cliches by way of offering raspy, but melodic, vocal lines and raucous guitars. This energy is passed onto the second track ‘Affected Kid’ with its bouncing melodies and intricate fills, keeping the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll firmly intact.

Despite all this greatness, special attention must be paid to the Joy Division esque final track ‘What’s Behind The Sun’. Rounding off ‘Dystopic School’, the momentum of the track slowly builds to a strong climax. What may initially appear to be a gentle offering, the cutting percussion and boisterous distortion soon bring back that intoxicating, ecstatic vigour that Spleen are all about. In the dying moments of the EP, you can hear the fading drums, vocals, guitars and basses slip away – but by no means will this be the last you have heard of these boys…

If one thing is abundantly clear about this band, their sound feels fresh and exciting. Complete with nods to their musical educations, of which Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana have to be present, Spleen are setting their sights high with a debut release of this calibre. 

It’s rare to find a band that are so creatively mature and talented at this early stage in their career, but it’s no wonder that they attracted the attention of Contempo Records (home to Pankow and Suicide amongst many others) to deliver this bolstering new release. 

‘Dystopic School’ is a riotous debut EP from a band destined for greatness, complete with a no-holds-barred attitude and the angsty swagger of youth.

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Words: Alex Malpass