Band Of The Week. Big Tree

Californian folk-pop quintet Big Tree, are a band of massive sounds, funky danceable chords and hypnotic vocal harmonies. Sounding passionate, cheerful and sensual simultaneously is a skill hard to perfect, but Big Tree has it down to a fine art. The bands latest release ‘Little EP’ is just that; a collection of six pure, untouched

The Daydream Club talk awards, their new EP and To Kill A King

We caught up with The Daydream Club to chat awards, EPs, future live dates and their secret show with To Kill A King. [RCM] The last few months have been pretty exciting for The Daydream Club. Your last single was used in a Burberry Campaign, you played the main-stage at Summer Sundae, and were papped on the red

I dream of having a bigger living room. Sofar Sounds London

Last night I was dreaming I had a bigger living room. Sofar Sounds (Songs From A Room) is rapidly becoming a global movement, and last night I was privileged to attend the latest London edition. Sofar Sounds brings music lovers together in an unusual setting (often in a secret living room) to hear the most innovative new music,

Blackchords cover John Lennon ‘Working Class Hero’

To mark what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, Blackchords have decided to make their version of the John Lennon song ‘Working Class Hero’ available for this weekend only. This version was recorded live at their album launch show at The Espy in April 2009. You can listen to the track on the Sounds page