Eliza Hull Showcases Her Super Power On ‘Running Underwater’

Eliza Hull’s new single and video for ‘Running Underwater’ is a triumph for will and skill over adversity. Catch her on tour in the UK this May.

Eliza Hull – Running Underwater

As a blog writer who listens to literally dozens of tracks every morning occasionally you know you are hearing something significant. ‘Running Underwater’ gets you immediately, it’s hard to define greatness, but this track has ‘it’. Maybe it sounds familiar, maybe it feels epic or classic or even haunting – who knows but I was immediately hooked.

When you understand Eliza Hull’s own back story ‘Running Underwater’ takes on further poignant significance and it reminded me of something…

A few years ago here in the UK the TV broadcaster Channel 4 did something different, rather than just show the Paralympics they rebranded the athletes as superheroes. This subtle yet powerful repositioning was not only insightful – how many of us mere mortals could run, swim, and jump that far with a missing limb? Not many! But it also helped change the narrative away from any sense of disability to conversations about ‘super-human ability’ and strength to overcome adversity.

Now it feels like Eliza Hull is doing the same for musicians everywhere. Running Under Water is the first song Hull has written about being disabled and living with a condition called ‘Charcot Marie Tooth’. The condition, a degenerative nerve disorder, has affected Hull’s walking for a long time; it was a disability that she kept hidden, specifically in the music industry.

In recent years however, Hull has emerged as an accessibility advocate within the industry; her determinism and approach to educating and spurring on change in perspective and structure, when it comes to the way disabled musicians are treated within the industry, has been incredibly influential.

“Forget any sense of disability, Running Underwater soundtracks Eliza Hull’s unique superpower.” RCM

“For a long time, I hid my disability, especially in the music industry. This was due to the under-representation of disabled musicians and I was constantly shown that disability was a deficit or something that should be feared and hidden. It was such a heavy weight holding onto these beliefs, it was exhausting to constantly hide. This song is about pushing up against society’s view of disability, it’s about letting go of the fear and being authentic and true to myself and showing that it’s ok to be different. “ Eliza Hull

‘Running Underwater’ sees Hull work with ARIA Award-winning producer Pip Norman (Baker Boy, Missy Higgins) on production, recording the track at BIGBANG Studio. Mixed by Simon Lam (Woodes, Cub Sport) and mastered by Idania Valencia (Sam Smith), ‘Running Underwater’ – in its final form – lets the dynamism of Hull’s vocals and arrangement take prominence, flourishing with each superb sonic swell.

Running Underwater – The Video

Working with director Keiran Watson-Bounce (And Then Something Changed, Caravan), Hull has also produced a moving music video for ‘Running Underwater’, filmed at The Goods Shed in Castlemaine. Featuring the talents of dancer ‘roya the destroya’, the experience allowed Hull to bring the song to life in a beautifully unique way onscreen. And in doing so, has represented disability onscreen in a way not generally seen.

“The music video features my very good friend ‘roya the destroya’ . She is a brilliant disabled dancer who moves like nobody I know. She actually started busking with an early version of the song and sent me a video of her performing with it. When I watched that video I knew I had to collaborate with her on the official music video.

She has a beautiful ability to inhibit what I am feeling in my music and then express that through movement. In the music video she is like my alter-ego, almost like the spirit part of what I am feeling in the lyrics. Keiran Watson-Bonnice is the director of the music video. We have worked together in the past on the ABC Kids TV show And Then Something Changed, which I produced and wrote the music for. We shot the clip in one day, in mostly one take in the Goods Shed on a freezing winter’s day. “

About Eliza Hull

Loyal readers of Right Chord Music will know we’ve featured Eliza Hull before. We first showcased her talents as an Artist of The Week back in 2013. We followed this up with support for her excellent 2015 album Bones Of Us album, which contains one of our favourite ever blog discoveries in the single ‘Used To (Feat. Texture Like Sun) If you don’t know this track, do yourself a favour and listen immediately!

Having established herself as one of Australia’s most important voices and striking songwriters of recent years, Melbourne-based artist Eliza Hull has proven the longevity of her art, and continued evolution.

Every subsequent release is a joyous addition to what is quietly becoming a significant and quite brilliant back catalogue.

Catch Eliza Hull live

Eliza Hull will be touring the U.K. in May, supporting Ruth Lyon as well as showcasing at The Great Escape in Brighton.

Supporting Ruth Lyon
  • Wednesday 17th May National Centre for Early Music York U.K.
  • Thursday 18th May Horse & Bamboo Rossendale U.K.
  • Friday 19th May Junction 2 Cambridge U.K.
  • Thursday 25th May Sage Gateshead Gateshead U.K.
  • Friday 26th Macards Theatre Galashiels U.K.
  • Saturday 27th May The Met Bury U.K.
Australian Tour Dates
  • Saturday 26th August Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne Tickets
  • Sunday 10th September Riverside Theatre Sydney
  • Friday 22nd September Undercover Festival Brisbane

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Words Mark Knight