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Alessia A Very Modern Disco Girl Live At The Star In Shoreditch

Alessia 'Breaking Sound' showcase at the Star in Shoreditch. Review on Right Chord Music

Last night in London, Swiss pop star in-waiting, Alessia showcased tracks from her forthcoming EP Modern Disco Girl live at The Star in Shoreditch and we were in the front row.

Introducing Alessia

Swiss-born Alessia admits a keen interest in funk and disco which spans the generations with influences as diverse as Chic, The Weekend and Calvin Harris. There is also a strong pop sensibility here that will find easy favour with fans of Dua Lipa.

Alessia – Live at The Star

BIMM songwriting graduate Alessia has that rare ability to hold a room.  Her new EP, set for release early next year is called ‘Modern Disco Girl’ and it’s easy to see why. Alessia brings a sparkle to everything she does.

Last night it looked like she had melted down a glitter ball to create her top, which was paired with custom jeans, tattoos and a pair of Converse high-tops. How modern indeed. Only a few hours earlier Alessia had been recording in Sweden before flying back to London and rushing to the stage.

This is disco for the jet-set generation. Just imagine a sun-drenched, rooftop terrace, where everyone is drinking Aperol Spritz. Alessia would be the soundtrack.

Alessia live in London at The Star, Shoreditch

Back at The Star… (which coincidentally, seems a fitting venue name for our pop star in waiting) Alessia’s set provides the perfect preview of her EP, and there is still time to include her previous single ‘Sugar‘ and a previously unreleased track ‘Nicotine’ which delivers the perfect, early evening dopamine rush. Her choice of the Four Non-Blondes ‘What’s Up’ as a cover provides a mid-set interlude and further excuse for a sing-along.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from her set but ‘Electricity’ is right up there, It feels like it could have been the love child of Chic and Daft Punk. ‘Midnight Dynamite’ also from the EP continues the good vibes. Her lyrics joyously revel in the positive aspects of life.

Alessia performs live at The Star in Shoreditch

Alessia’s girl-next-door charm wins hearts as she invites the crowd to come closer and win a handmade friendship bracelet in return for singing her new single ‘Spicy’ the loudest. ‘Spicy’ is a sweet ode to love and adulation, with a fiery kick. “Every time I look in your eyes I see fire” she swoons in her sugary, soft tone.

Alessia is at the start of her musical journey and we look forward to watching it unfold. Keep an ear out out for her new single ‘Spicy’ which is out next Thursday (12th of October) or catch Alessia live at The Troubadour next Saturday. Her new EP Modern Disco Girl, produced by Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, Dylan) is set for release early next year.

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Words Mark Knight