AJ Pickering Improvises The Soundtrack To Winter

It seems fitting that on the morning we wake and look out the window to see a snow scene reminiscent of a Christmas Card that we share ‘Winter,’ the second solo release from AJ Pickering. Captured in one take this beautiful improvisation has us dreaming of log fires and roasted chestnuts.

AJ Pickering Winter - Improv 1

AJ Pickering – Winter / Improv 1

There is something magical about seeing the creative process live and with this release, AJ Pickering has invited us to not only hear the one-take live audio recording but also to see it with a live video of that moment. It’s a wonderful idea that adds a real warmth to his soundtrack to cold.

Winter-Improv 1 is a wonderfully reflective and serene soundtrack, close your eyes and you can almost see the icicles melting on the front porch.

About AJ Pickering

AJ Pickering is a British composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with the likes of Burberry, Merrell, BBC, Homegoods and has acquired over 100 Million streams with his various projects. This project is an outlet for his solo piano and composing musings, focusing on neo-classical, classical crossover and ambient. His pieces are improvised and recorded at the moment they’re being created along with accompanying videos to capture that same performance.

“I started learning piano at the age of 5 along with gymnastics, karate, swimming etc but piano/music was the only hobby to go the distance… mostly thanks to my folks for encouraging me but also to my piano teacher at the time, Steve Allen. He spotted early on that I didn’t want to do the standard piano grades and music theory route… I wanted to create. He wisely advised my folks that I needed a keyboard with lots of buttons. This eventually led to acquiring a Roland MC-50 midi sequencer (using floppy discs!) and a Roland Sound Canvas. With these two bits of equipment, I could compose my own backing tracks and build worlds of sounds on my own. Years later I eventually decided to learn the music theory side but my true passion has always been to create and to play my feelings”. AJ Pickering

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Words Mark Knight