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Live Review. The Ramshackle Union Band & Ben Folke Thomas, What’s Cookin’

Ramshackle Union Band

The Ramshackle Union Band kicked off their set on Wednesday night with Sally Moore, before heading in to Golden Days, mixing a little bit of country, folk and blues. The London four-piece are made up of Tom Bull on vocals and guitar, Stuart Grey on vocals and drums, Charlie Higgs on bass and Ped Teale on banjo.

Their third song, The Wreck I Am, was a favourite, with a catchy chorus, a fantastic instrumental in the middle, and a toe tapping melody. The vocals of lead singer Tom and drummer Stuart blended together throughout the set in a uniquely incredible way, leaving a lasting impression.

Working their way through a fine mix of songs, including Overboard, Familiar Tone and Six For Five, their live performance was astounding. Chatting to the audience between songs, touching on the cold temperature of the venue with an amusing “This is our last outdoor gig of the year”, there really was no better place to be on a Wednesday night. The Ramshackle Union Band have established themselves on the London folk scene, and it’s clear to see why. Swapping the banjo for a guitar mid-way through, for a couple of songs, only added to their versatility, proving they can deliver edgier sounds just as well.

A thoroughly enjoyable set, they ended the night with Revelry and Magdalene, which can be found on their debut album ‘Dry The Wood, Build A Fire’, before being cheered back for an encore of Old Town Row. The last few songs really showed off their talent as musicians, as they alternated between a vocals only set-up and instrumentals, leading into an incredible finish.

Their album is available to buy at their Bandcamp page  and you can keep up to date with their latest gigs and goings-on at

Singer-Songwriter Benjamin Folke Thomas started his acoustic set last night with Extend No Greeting, and led into Blues For You, delivering a perfect blend of alt-country. The first thing that hits you about his music is the stunning guitar picking, which wouldn’t be out of place in the best bars in Nashville

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_4Y6MGRz84[/youtube]

His vocals were reminiscent of some of country music’s finest, with deep, soulful tones and he combined these with incredible song lyrics; a favourite being ‘build myself a sailboat and sail to the stars’. There were also a few humorous anecdotes in there, particularly before Sex Addict, Drug Addict.

Finishing the set with Married Blues to huge applause, Ben is another artist making a name for himself on the London folk and country scene since moving from Sweden five years ago. He released his debut album, ‘Too Close To Here’, earlier this year,so be sure to have a listen.

Claire Weston