Subterranean Street Society ‘Second Singing Teacher’ Live From Moon Studio

Straight out of the Moon Music studio in Holland, Subterranean Street Society has shared ‘Second Singing Teacher’ another track from that extraordinary live session.

Subterranean Street Society – Second Singing Teacher

After the release of their third studio album Saudade this past February, Subterranean Street Society played this record at the emblematic Music Moon Studios. Out of that performance, two singles from that musical work were recorded: Songwriter Syndrome, a brilliant tune that Right Chord Music reviewed and the most recent one called Second Singing Teacher.

As unusual as it could sound, the Covid-19 restrictions played a significant role in this session, stopping the band from having the opportunity to play with horn/string players, luckily this wasn’t an obstacle, quite the opposite, this forced the band to get out of their comfort zone and explore their musical limits.

Second Singing Teacher has a less defined structure than their previous single, throughout most of it, the polished execution of the different instruments is the true highlight of this melody, accentuating the proficiency that represents this album so well.

The jaw-dropping experimentation is back, along with the samples and typewriter sounds, which are the perfect way to open this track. Rather than using something too literal, the band has opted for the Dylan-esque lyrics once more, showing how much Louis has evolved as a songwriter since their debut.

The majestic drums make their appearance in the second verse, followed by the sublime horn section increasing into a supreme cornucopia of well-orchestrated sounds, the piano parts performed flawlessly by Louis Puggaard-Müller work as a pace changer during key moments of this piece.

Near the end the song comes to a halt, just to return with upbeat drums escalating to the words “I stepped into the light” which is very symbolic in so many ways, you could easily say that this is Subterranean Street Society’s ascension into a new level of folk greatness, ending the song (and album) in the highest peak possible.

Second Singing Teacher is the brilliant culmination of a fantastical journey into one of the most captivating folk albums in the independent scene this year.

With a magnificent flux of fascinating ideas and concepts, Second Singing Teacher is another proof of the expertise of this trio.

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Words Javier Rodriguez