Fiona Liddell & Sam Thorne – The Lockdown Session

With over sixteen years of experience as a professional violin/vocal tutor and performer, Fiona Liddell is no stranger to creating brilliant sounds.

Introducing Fiona Liddell

Based in Glasgow, she has performed all over Scotland in numerous musical projects, and with various bands, including The Apollos, Jack Hinks, Ekobirds and Loud Poets. The Lockdown Session is her first ever release, and is comprised of original songs that she has composed throughout her life, and then performed during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The Lockdown Session

When you click onto an album called “The Lockdown Session”, you may well be anticipating an angry, jolting series of tracks, predominantly featuring the drums, a lot of sweary lyrics, and maybe even some screaming. But that definitely isn’t Fiona Liddell and Sam Thorne’s album.

The Lockdown Session is far less an expression of all the negative emotions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and far more a sort of magical medicine for them. Liddell and Thorne’s album is like ice skating on a crisp winter’s day (provided you’ve actually got the knack of it). Liddell’s vocals are smooth, seraphic and ultimately just incredible. The instrumental accompaniment is equally divine, with luxurious piano melodies featuring heavily throughout the eight wonderful tracks.

The Lockdown Session is an incredible album. It leaves the listener feeling calmer, whilst simultaneously stronger under the current global situation.

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Words. Rachel Makinson