First Signs Of Love No.125 – Parla

Parla are made up of singer / songwriter Richard Walters (former front man of Theremin and once signed to Radiohead’s Courtyard Management as a solo artist) and acclaimed producer Guy Sigsworth, who’s impressive production credits include Madonna, Bjork and Britney Spears. With this kind of experience and talent you can understand how we were confident

First Signs Of Love No 106. Courtly Love – Mirage

  Courtly love was a literary conception of love dating back to medieval European history; one which emphasized nobility and chivalry. It’s unclear whether this behaviour is a feature of London band Courtly Love or whether the name is just a playful twist on the late Kurt Cobain’s missus.  Either way they present a 60’s influenced

First Signs Of Love No. 103 White Fever – Skeleton Disease

Right now Britain is dominating the genre of dreamwave, with new bands constantly appearing in this already talent-swollen music scene. The newest band to emerge is British-Scandinavian collective, White Fever. The London based four piece are female fronted, which adds a softness to their sophisticated and impenetrable demeanour. Their music blends dark guitar melodies with

First Signs Of Love No. 94 Sheila Lord – Animals

Sheila Lord‘s artist bio paints a vague, yet specific picture. First impressions are important, and this one was certainly intriguing after describing a bizarre tea party with her influences. “Sheila likes to imagine a tea party with her musical influences: Joni Mitchell and John Lennon would sing about the 60’s, Jeff Buckley and Newton Faulkner

First Signs Of Love No. 80 Miles Hewitt ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger’

‘Miles Hewitt’ must have been bursting with words when he wrote ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger.’ He draws heavy lyrical influence from poetry, and happened to write this song whilst attending the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, in no less than five minutes… on a park bench. Download the track for free below. His clever ability

First Signs Of Love No 76. Tom Staniford – Elizabeth

It seems Brighton based artist Tom Staniford is a very talented individual.  Not only did he write, play guitar and sing this wonderful track, he also directed, shot and edited the accompanying video.  Having just wrapped up a tour supporting Mike Dignam, Tom has been undoubtedly gaining new fans across the UK. Tom’s talent has

First Signs Of Love No. 70 Laura Shaw ‘Blue Moon’

Great tracks stand out, and within seconds of hearing Blue Moon by Laura Shaw we knew we had experienced The First Signs Of Love. Influenced by Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and possibly a touch of Regina Spektor’s invention, Laura Shaw has honed her skills and developed her own intriguing and highly engaging style.

First Signs Of Love 63. Eliot Grace ‘Rebecka’

Rebecka is the debut single from Stockholm based three-piece Eliot Grace. It’s a larger than life, epic pop tune, which draws on universal themes of lost love (everyone has had a Rebecka) to provide a powerful and immersive hook, that is somehow both saddening and sonically optimistic. In time you’ll find someone else. Until then

FSOL 54. Sam Pinkerton ‘I Will Never Fall In Love With You’

Here at Right Chord Music we try to plan in advance, it depends on the quality of music we’re sent, but sometimes it works. Recently it’s worked well, in fact we’ve been scheduling our posts 3/4 weeks in advance. The only down side is when we discover a new artist we love, we have to

FSOL 53. Girl Called Johnny. ‘Heaven Knows’

This is Girl Called Johnny and her debut single ‘Heaven Knows’ sounding like the missing link between Lauren Laverne and Sarah Cracknell, it’s a breezy, and joyously upbeat modern pop song about lost love. We’re hooked, this is the First Signs Of Love.  Shot in the beautiful climbs of Wales, the new video from Girl Called