First Signs Of Love No 212. Introducing LOR with her unique & delicate debut ‘Used To’

Our First Signs of Love feature is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. This week we shine the spotlight on LOR and her debut single ‘Used To’.

LOR – Used To

Creating a safe space for her listeners to seek solace in her songs, newcomer artist LOR reveals her gorgeous and heartfelt debut single, ‘Used To’. Relatable, honest and vulnerable, LOR opens up about the trials and tribulations of a past relationship and all the times she took him back when she shouldn’t have.

“Used to is about being in a relationship with someone who constantly lets you down but knows how to make it up to you every time, just enough that you don’t have the guts to walk away.”

Sonically inviting and emotion-filled, the release of ‘Used To’ is a wonderful introduction to the sonic and songwriting styles of LOR who effortlessly dances between the genres of melancholy, dark pop and contemporary RnB, boasting a uniquely husky voice reminiscent of the likes of Greentea Peng and Jessie Reyez.  Coupled with an intricate, piano melody and backed by a sullen beat, LOR creates a haunting sonic experience that will leave you feeling lovesick on her debut single, ‘Used To.’

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Words Daisy Lipsey