Jeyaia ‘Rising’ First Signs of Love No. 214

Our First Signs of Love feature is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. This week we shine the spotlight on singer-songwriter Jeyaia and her debut single ‘Rising’

Jeyaia – Rising

It’s time to sit back and listen: Jeyaia has just shared her debut single Rising and it’s a caress to the ears.

The English-born singer-songwriter grew up surrounded by music, as both her parents played in a blues band and was influenced by soul, blues, and jazz from an early age.

After travelling and performing across the world, Jeyaia is finally stepping out to fill and inspire her world with her music, which aims to ignite a deep soul awakening in the listener.

Jeyaia’s soulful and profound vocals shine throughout Rising, making it almost impossible to pause it halfway. We could really write a book on the unique timbre, the firm but also a vulnerable tone that she delivers, making her one of the most interesting independent artists of the year. But we’ll just say you need to listen for yourself, and you’ll agree!

The balanced, alluring atmosphere created by all different elements makes Rising a beautiful song, but most importantly a well-done song. The quality of this track is undeniable and will catch even those not into R&B and soul. 

The melodic part serves as a perfect counterpart to Jeyaia’s vocals. The sax’s slowly filling up space in the background towards the end of the song are just one of the ear candies that will just have you smiling without realising.

On top of that, Jeyaia is also an amazing songwriter and her talent shows through verses like:

Be easy, be kind  / Tread lightly on the minefield on my mind Cause when I’m weak I fall / And when I fall, I lose it all. Said you would catch me / But I’m crying here all on my own, thinking bout you

If Jorja Smith and Alicia Keys had a love child, she would be Jeyaia. We can’t wait to see this artist sit beside the legends that have always inspired her, like Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Lauryn Hill. R&B has a new Rising star and her name is Jeyaia.

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Words Anna Colombo