Jennalyn Displays A Cutting Edge On Blade.

Back in 2016 we featured then 14-year-old singer-songwriter Jennalyn Ponraj as our First Signs of Love artist. Five years on and that early promise has been realised with the release of her debut EP ‘Blade.’

Jennalyn – Blade

After moving to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue a musical career.  “Blade” is her first release as Jennalyn and it’s both a sonic and visual experience. 

Jennalyn doesn’t hold back on her debut: the whole EP is an enticing blend of dark atmospheres, infectious beats and unique vocals that will be stuck in your head for days.

Opening with the fierce track “Cruel”, Jennalyn sets the mood and starts telling us the story of how she became who she is now. Epic synths swarm on a trap-like beat, whilst Jennalyn inescapable vocals sing “The girl you knew is now a blade”, also explaining the EP title. 

The journey continues through “Famous”, which we’re suspecting will be a real hit. With a ballad-like opening, it slowly builds up into a generational anthem. Amidst boredom, uncertainty and desire for more, Jennalyn lets out

“I’m always bored always faded I’ll figure it out when I’m famous”. 

Jennalyn’s songwriting is poignant, earnest and so pop at the same time, getting close to alt-pop big names like Halsey and Lana del Rey. Each song manages to create something that goes beyond mere listening: sound design, lyrics and vocals all compete to build an immersive experience.

The pop moments in “Blade” come with “Run” and “These Lights”, where Jennalyn’s distinctive dark, alluring sound meets with ear-worm melodies. The closing track “Antifragile” is a captivating, cathartic song that marks Jennalyn’s figurative birth.  

“And all this time led me to myself I learned to live outside your spell Cause I’m on my way yeah.”

“Blade” is an incredible debut EP that paves the way to an even more incredible career. Jennalyn is an artist to watch – and we can’t wait for more music from her!

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Words Anna Colombo