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First Signs Of Love No 106. Courtly Love – Mirage

Courtly love was a literary conception of love dating back to medieval European history; one which emphasized nobility and chivalry. It’s unclear whether this behaviour is a feature of London band Courtly Love or whether the name is just a playful twist on the late Kurt Cobain’s missus.

Either way they present a 60’s influenced tremolo blues sound that leads you to dream of escape to a time when life was simple, full of love and sound-tracked by The Byrds and The Doors. Never has a band been more perfectly cast for our First Signs Of Love feature.

Imagine yourself driving down an endless straight road in the middle of the desert, refracted light and heat causing the appearance of water in the distance… not only is this optical illusion the dictionary definition of ‘Mirage’, it is also a perfect way to encapsulate the emotion of Courtly Love’s new single of the same name, which is due to be launched on June 20th with a release show in London.

Courtly Love only formed in late 2013, but have already drummed up an impressive amount of public and industry support. Founding members Johnny and Layla have been writing together for a couple of years and have married their psychedelic and blues inspiration to create a sound that is highly likely to stand them out above the rest in the UK’s guitar band scene. The band has gigs scattered around London throughout the summer so be sure to catch them live in an intimate setting while you still can.

This is the First Signs Of Love and we look forward to watching that love grow with every subsequent release.

Mark Nichols.