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First Signs of Love No 227. Izzy Potter ‘Can’t End What Never Was’

Izzy Potter 'can't end what never was' review on Right Chord Music

Izzy Potter is our latest First Signs of Love featured artist. First Signs of Love is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. Discover more from our archive. Izzy Potter’s new single ‘Can’t End What Never Was’ is an eloquently woven indie-rock stunner.

Izzy Potter – Can’t End What Never Was

While a stripped-back and refined indie track (at times), there’s an ethereal quality to ‘can’t end what never was’ that transcends normal conventions. The song evolves like a living, breathing thing, weaving through blissfully poppy serenades to thunderous guitars. Building and building, the atmosphere is endearing and delicately drawn with personable effects that undertone brilliant lyricism that’s both familiar and unique.

Potter’s vocal performance is stunning and warm while never losing that emotional rawness synonymous with her sound. The heartbeat of the whole song, a gorgeous picture is painted elegantly as the track rises to a euphoric ending. A climatic chorus that’s layered and catchy completes the ambitious track. Accompanied by a surge in intensity, the emotional weight of the track crescendos here also. 

The song’s structure is a well-crafted journey, with each section seamlessly flowing into the next. From the intimate verses to the explosive choruses and instrumental breaks that provide moments of introspection, “Can’t end what never was” keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. There’s a sense of unpredictability to the arrangement, with shifts in dynamics and instrumentation that stop the song from falling into predictability.

Beyond the sonic genius, “can’t end what never was” is a lyrical journey rich in introspection. The lyrics, poetic but not self-indulgent, evoke a sense of universal longing. Taught with bitterness and passion, the lyrics glue perfectly with Potter’s performance. Themes of missed connections, unfulfilled dreams, and yearning for what could have been resonate with the listener on a deeply personal level. The words linger, leaving an indelible, welcomed mark.

Izzy Potter’s new single is an eloquently woven indie-rock stunner. Transcending the boundaries of the genre, it delivers a sonic experience that is both immersive and thought-provoking. 

From its evocative lyrics to the well-crafted instrumentation, every element of the song contributes to a narrative that is as relatable as it is compelling. An exciting new single from an exhilarating, upcoming artist, ‘can’t end what never was’ hits all the marks.

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Words Ciarán Coleman