Monday, March 4, 2024
After racing to over 100,000 plays of their Burberry Acoustic video in a matter of months, the self released, self promoted duo The Daydream Club are back, this time performing the hugely infectious toe-tapper 'On The Move' for Secret Sessions  Watch...
The Daydream Club perform 'On The Move' taken from their debut album 'Overgrown' live at Stop Look Listen in London. Buy the album. 
Last night I was dreaming of a bigger living room. Sofar Sounds (Songs From A Room) is rapidly becoming a global movement, and last night I was privileged to attend the latest London edition. Sofar Sounds brings music lovers together in an unusual...
The Daydream Club took to the stage in support of  BBC Folk Award Winner Megan Henwood and instantly captivated the assembled crowd with a haunting new piano version of debut single The Record Shop, which the duo released on...
The first glimpse of new material from Blackchords. Here is a special unplugged, acoustic version of the beautiful 'All The Good Things' performed by Nick & Tristan.
1st collector for Radiohead - 'Staircase' (live From the Basement... Follow my videos on vodpod  
Check out Blackchords playing '22' live, last night in Melbourne courtesy of Carbie Warbie. His photos from the night can also be seen here:  Blackchords - 22 @ The Vineyard, St Kilda (2nd ..., posted with vodpod
The enchanting Daughter aka Elena Tonra performs 'Tomorrow' live at St Stephen's Church in London. Honestly, you could have heard a pin drop throughout the entire show. If you get the chance to see her, do!
The moment Nick Milwright (Blackchords) joined Dan Lethbridge & Nick Batterham on-stage to perform a cover of the Portishead track 'Roads.' Video courtesy of brilliant blog Fitzroy & Beyond