Chatter, Chatter ‘The News (Live at The Roundhouse)’

North London-based three-piece Chatter, Chatter, have unveiled an innovative rendition of their 2023 single, ‘The News’. This new release, titled ‘The News (Live At The Roundhouse)’, captures the band bidding farewell to their cherished, self-built, Woodside Studios as they look ahead to the future.

Chatter, Chatter – The News

Throughout, Chatter, Chatter achieve something remarkable, by delivering a live release that feels to surpass the studio version of ‘The News’. In this live setting, the band showcase an impressive ability to elevate their sound and energy, creating a dynamic atmosphere that changes to put Michael Williams’ vocals in the spotlight, accentuated by the track’s lively instrumentation. 

‘The News (Live at The Roundhouse)’ captures the essence of a tumultuous period for the three-piece band, evoking a sense of suspense and nervous energy. This haunting yet alluring sound is reminiscent of the early releases of Black Country, New Road, mixed with the raw energy of early The Wytches.

“Chilling instrumentation, introduced by soft drum beats and intricate guitarwork, is perfectly complemented by the soft yet hard-hitting vocals, creating a mesmerising and emotionally charged listening experience that captivates the listener from start to finish.”

In this reimagined version, the production of ‘The News’ injects a newfound vibrancy into the track. Unlike its original release, the live remake expertly weaves together the instrumentation and the lyrics, resulting in a seamless fusion where neither element dominates the other. This approach revitalises the song, infusing it with a more dynamic and engaging quality. 

As Chatter, Chatter closes one chapter and begins on a new journey, the band has revealed thrilling prospects for upcoming releases, live shows, and a sustained commitment to crafting music they are passionate about. ‘The News (Live at The Roundhouse)’ marks the beginning of this new phase, allowing the three-piece band to explore their vision for their creative output in a way that feels more revitalised and polished. A wonderful listen. 

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Words Katie Macbeth